Bitterwallet's improved top 50 household money saving tips

At what point does frugality become tightness? Over the past few years, we have become a nation of penny-pinchers, adopting tips and tricks our grandmothers would be proud of to save a few bob. Now, Skipton Building Society has asked people to name their top money-saving ideas and has compiled them into a handy list for us all to mull over. Perhaps you do them all already, or perhaps you might get a few new ideas. We don’t really care.

Some of the tricks are no less obvious than a face slap with a 2”x4”. Some of them are downright idiotic (half of number 17 would cost you money. Far better to lug it into a branch of Skipton Building Society and get it changed for free).However, we decided the actual list was a bit dull, so we have livened it up with a few of our own additions. We think you’ll agree it is improved immensely. No thanks necessary.

1.  Switch lights off as soon as leaving a room

2.  Shop around for the best products

3.  Re-using carrier bags. Before you use them in the bin.

4.  Only boiling enough water for one cup of tea. Especially when your spouse/partner/other is waiting expectantly for their cup.

5.  Taking part in focus groups and online surveys to make money

6.  Turning off the tap when brushing teeth

7.  Cutting out coupons, money off vouchers and discount website links. Note, if you attempt to cut website links out of your computer, you may need to buy a new computer, thereby not saving any actual money.

8.  Switch gadgets off when not using them. Including those battery-operated ones in your bedside drawer.

9.  Bulk buy toilet rolls, washing powder etc

10. Only turn lights on when it’s really dark. That pretend dark is just annoying.

11. Opt for own-brand products over expensive options. Especially when buying ready meals.

12. Wearing lots of layers instead of putting the heating on. Combine with number 9.

13. No buying something until its cheap or you can find a voucher for it. Probably unwise to apply this to essential medicines.

14. Hanging clothes around the house instead of using the tumble dryer. Combine with number 12. Wrap yourself in toilet roll and wet clothes.

15. Going to the reduced aisle in supermarkets at specific times

16. Drive at a slower speed to lower fuel consumption

17. Saving coppers and using change machines to convert into cash. If the police officer won’t fit in the chute you can take him into the bank instead.

18. Asking for presents you need rather than want. Sanitary towels are probably a no-no though.

19. Waiting until after 6pm to phone anyone from the landline. To be honest those types of call are probably better placed after 10 anyway.

20. Write a list for the food shop and don’t deviate. Being a deviant is never advisable.

21. Re-heeling shoes rather than buying new ones

22. Using all the samples stuck in magazines

23. Bake cakes, jam, bread etc

24. Saving unwanted presents and giving them to other people

25. Having left over dinner for packed lunches. Soup works less well for this.

26. Re-using wrapping paper

27. Buying an old car rather than new

28. Making kids packed lunches instead of buying school dinners

29. Patching up old clothes rather than buying new

30. Cutting up Birthday and Christmas cards to make present tags

31. Make a massive meal at the beginning of the week that you can split and freeze

32. Cutting / dying hair at home rather than going to the hairdressers

33. Only flush the toilet when absolutely necessary. Seriously? You dirty fkers.

34. Use the library rather than buy books

35. Park miles away from the shops rather than paying to park close by

36. Grow your own vegetables

37. Buy clothes and toys from charity shops

38. Fold up tin foil and cling film to use again. No liability will be accepted for any harm caused to persons, places or things by a deranged person who has been trying to unfold cling film for a week.

39. Give ‘cheap but nice’ presents like a photo in a frame. Although if you have ugly children, perhaps just the frame would be better.

40. Sharing bath water. With the neighbours.

41. Using a hot water bottle instead of putting the heating on

42. Sit next to one radiator instead of putting all radiators on

43. Use tired clothes as pyjamas rather than having actual pyjamas. Or just wear your pyjamas all the time.

44. Waiting until it is a cheaper time to park. Although not all the shops are open at 11pm.

45. Cut the end of a toothpaste tube to get the last bit out

46. Stick the end bits of soap together to make sure none is wasted. This is actually a conceptual impossibility. There will always be an end bit of soap, even if it is the end bit of an end bit soap.

47. Only go to the cinema on a Wednesday. Even if you’re on Vodafone.

48. Only use one or two sheets of toilet paper to make it last longer. See number 33.

49. Use old knickers as dusters. Wash them first.

50. Only go food shopping after a meal, as an empty stomach leads to temptation


  • noshit
    51. Steal the shit out of your neighbours arse.
  • jokester
    Some of this is absolutely stupid, like sharing bath water, buying used clothes and toys that have probably been in the mouth of someone else's children, only using 1 or 2 sheets of toilet paper. WTF? And "only go to the cinema on a Wednesday" - why not just stop going to the cinema - it's ridiculously overpriced so just wait for it to come down in price on DVD/rental/TV...
  • LD
  • JD64
    Are we at war? What a depressing list. It is 2012 and people in Britain are cutting of the end of toothpaste tubes to save a few quid? Well at least no one is making off billions of essentials like gas, oil and water...
  • Natty
    51. Dont waste your valuable mobile data allowance reading crappy articles on BW or linking to HUKD Deals of the day that have expired, wait till you get home and use wifi and so only waste time from your sad miserable life.
  • Someone e.
    @JD64 It's 2013.
  • JD64
    @Someone else Very good.
  • The C.
    52. Rotate less wild animals to conserve energy
  • The C.
    53. Swap heroin abuse for valium
  • The C.
    54. Burn all belongings to create heat
  • The C.
    55. Once you have completed a wank,do not waste tissue simply wipe on a curtain
  • The C.
    56. shoplift
  • The C.
    57. Instead of going to the cinema, simply download the shit film you wanted to see
  • The C.
    58. When a jumper is due a wash simply rip off the will be left with a new tanktop
  • The C.
    59. Do not buy a new watch....simply carry around the tv when GMTV or the news etc is on.
  • The C.
    60. Piss out the window
  • The C.
    61. collect the contents of food recycling bins and make a lovely stew
  • The C.
    62. Run off and do not pay driver if you must use a taxi
  • The C.
    63. tap into the neighbours 'leccy
  • The C.
    64. collect all stray pubes/arse hair etc and shape into a handy scouring pad
  • The C.
    65. disown family or wait until sex offences come to family equals no gifts to buy
  • The C.
    66. kill less swans
  • The C.
    67. collect all fag ends you see and make a lovely roll-up when you return to lodgings
  • The C.
    68. hide in toilets on trains
  • The C.
    69. bag snatch
  • The C.
    70. eat out of the tin to save on running tap
  • The C.
    71. fashion shoes from old milk cartons
  • The C.
    72. sell spunk to a lab or something
  • The j.
    73. tomato puree for toothpaste
  • The j.
    74. simply dont brush teeth
  • The j.
    75. wipe arse on sock
  • Doctor w.
    76. nick clothes from charity bins
  • Doctor w.
    77. cash giros once a month....more money in your hand
  • Herb
    77. Steal money saving articles straight off the daily mail website.
  • the w.
    78. steal a car
  • the w.
    79. drink from canal
  • the w.
    80. bath in canal
  • the w.
    81. milk a cat
  • the w.
    82. Steal from mothers purse
  • the e.
    83. Only own one spoon, use this for everything
  • the e.
    84. use old tights as carrier bags
  • the e.
    use carrier bags for tights
  • the e.
    86. dont buy carrier bags
  • the e.
    87. dont buy tights
  • nicholas c.
    88. drink own piss
  • nicholas a.
    89. go to pet shop and take all the seeds and all that from cages to put in a bun or something
  • nicholas m.
    90. dont pay credit card
  • nicholas i.
    91. shit over neighbours fence to save flushing
  • lionel r.
    92. tape the top 40
  • cup s.
    93. tape films off the tele and that
  • bane
    94. dont buy gloves
  • Dr Z.
    Dumpster food is very nutritious and free, I tend to find. Did I mention it's free?
  • jimmy
    I can't believe anyone is so poor they can't afford to use an extra section of bog roll. Never understood penny pinching, you'd be better off doing overtime/getting a second job or sorting out your finances. Boiling an extra cup of water even with a kettle which is one of the most inefficient appliances in house will cost a fraction of a penny, changing your supplier will save you notes. In my experience most of the people claiming to be skint are the ones in designer clothes totting iPhones.
  • chewbacca
    Fucking hell, some twat has a lot of time on their hands.
  • foxy b.
    Bum foxes instead of high class hookers.
  • Jokester
    94 - Don't buy any of the overpriced crap sold by Apple...
  • Jokester
    95 - If you don't have a job, have as many children as you can and live off the benefits, never bothering to work or being able to provide for your children financially or otherwise. No, wait - millions of people do this already!
  • Jokester
    96 - If you want to get paid £40,000 for NOT doing your job, simply become a police officer!!!
  • RBeer
    19. Offpeak on BT starts at 7pm so waiting for 6pm won't save you anything.
  • Joey J.
  • Strawbear
    36. Grow your own vegetables Which the author/piss taker of this article clearly has never done. By the time you've got seeds, liquid feed and compost, possibly netting, maybe had to buy a fork a book to guide you, canes etc, most of the time you're only saving thrupence on a bag of parnips which might even come ready washed. It's great to grow your own veg if you enjoy it, and it certainly tastes nicer, but don't think it will halve your veg bill if you have 2 sq foot of dirt wit ha few seeds thrown in. Also cinemas - cineworld are cheap on a tuesday and even cheaper if you sign up to their poorly designed wankfest website.
  • Herb
    lifted straight from the daily mail website.
  • JoeDaStudd
    Strawbear it depends on what veg your growing. Lettuce/Salad leaves are extreme cost savings. A cheap grow bag and some cheap mixed seeds will cost you £2 at the most. If you sow heavy and thin often you'll have edible leaves within a few weeks and last months. At £1+ for a bag of salad leaves or a lettuce head it will pay for itself after 2 harvests. Even the more expensive to grow crops can be made cheap with some thrift and shopping around. Small space checkout this chappy
  • 9 5.
    Eat the rich

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