Bitterwallet's Feral Trolley of the Week

Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Dylan who suggested we keep a gallery of past photos for Feral Trolley of the Week. We're going to do a blog post each time we update it now so they will be linked together in a common category :)

This week we've been proud to feature a photo from Bitterwallet reader Koolvin.

If you have a pic of a feral trolley please send it in to [email protected]! We love to feature this lonesome icon of abandoned capitalism and consumer frustration.


  • Mike H.
    In this time of economic depression, and yuletide spirit, why don't we spare a thought for these trolleys? I saw a happly lil' trolley swimming in the river the other day, full of the joys of life, afterall, it is Christmas and this is a family orientated blog for fucks sake?
  • jen
    Quite right Mike. It looks like this little trolley is quite happily scaling the fence, enjoying its first few gasps of freedom!

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