Bitterwallet's Christmas List: No. 8 - The Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket

pet-evacuation-jacket-japan There’s nothing worse than an untrained animal during an emergency. On one hand, you, the human, is trying to evacuate everyone from a potential disaster scene, while on the other, your bloody dog is going apeshit, jumping around and trying to bite everyone.

Now you can rest easy when your curtains catch fire or your gas boiler blows up – that’s because your pet can be safely and comfortably removed from the scene of carnage inside a Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket.

It’s a flame-retardant suit that will protect your skittish animal from heat and its carrying handle represents an enormous boon (and we’re always on the lookout for enormous boons.)

When it all goes tits-up, grab your mutt or pussy, shove it inside the jacket, velcro it up and get the hell out of the there. Then, once your pet is safe and secure, go back in and rescue the rest of your family. Only £315 delivered. Hot hot hot!


  • Dave F.
    Good luck putting a jacket on a cat in the middle of a fire.
  • Mosschops
    What stops its head and legs from catching fire?
  • Mrs S.
    My pussy caught fire once, thankfully Captain Peacock was on hand to give it a go dampening with his hose.
    • Andy D.
      And that's EXACTLY the comment I was hoping for when I planted a 'pussy' in the story. Thanks!
  • Russ
    You is trying to evacuate? I like your grammar.
  • The B.
    Oops, that should have said good dampening not go dampening.

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