Bitterwallet's Christmas List: No. 7 - Hardcore manicure set


[Failblog, obviously]


  • Gunn
    More like a kit for self-harmers
  • John
    interesting, lol. where did you see this?
  • Captain F.
    This looks bang-on for my toenails - no wirebrush or angle-grinder to file the little motherfuckers down though. That screwdriver and those pliers look like the ones to get rid of my stinking toejam though.
  • NobbyB
    unrelated but funny
  • Hey B.
    [...] Social networking features are also abound, with the ability for members of a wave to edit each other’s input, add photos, videos and other media to make a pool of material and to play the wave chat back in real time at a later date. It sounds delightful and sending an ordinary email already seems as archaic as cutting your toe nails with a pair of pliers. [...]
  • zeddy
    I'm not buying a vibrator from them!
  • Mike U.
    zeddy, it'll probably come with a nuclear power source

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