Bitterwallet's Christmas List: No. 4 - the Mantyhose

weekly02smallYou're going to have to help us out here, because we really can't decide whether this is a piss-take or not. There's no smirking, no self-depreciation - so we can only assume this is a genuine blog dedicated to a fashion craze that has until now passed us by - pantyhose for men, or mantyhose.


The name of the site is e-MANcipate and it's nothing less than wall-to-wall geezers wearing tights. There's a six-step guide to wearing them ("pull up the leg over your knee, feeding the material from the spare in your hands"), news of real men in tights, designs of the week and tales of an long-distance lorry driver who is a keen advocate of pulling on a pair. For medical reasons, you understand.

Owner Chan Kramer stresses the reasons why the media should cover the pressing issue of men in tights, citing the topic as a "fashion issue, a sports/outdoor activity issue, generic interest issue that could be covered from time to time, and the perfect silly season issue".

Obviously, we want some. You know, for the winter. Hey, if it's good enough for Robin Hood...


  • Tom P.
    The only place i'm going to wear tights is over my head, when doing the Lloyds Bank.
  • Mick T.
    The guy in the photo looks really impressed to be modelling them, bet he twatted his agent when that phot shoot was over.
  • Zeddy
    The guy looks more like a fannyhose.
  • goon
    they look hella gay
  • Brian2
    His eyes look a bit weird
  • David W.
    @goon Really, you think there's something about a man wearing tights that puts you in mind of two guys having sex? How does that work?
  • Steve N.
    'Mantyhose' has been around for awhile, and it has NOTHING to do with homosexuality, cross-dressing, or the like. There are several companies who've recognized the demand, including ActivSkin ( in the U.S., the only company to sell tights/pantyhose made exclusivelyl for men. I host a blog called The Nylon Gene ( that provides background on the legitmate, practical reasons that regular guys are wearing them in greater numbers all the time. Try to have an open mind about this. Even if you're not too keen on the patterned legwear shown on e-MANcipate, there are plenty of more subtle options for wearing something that will benefit your legs. Check the blog before going negative on it.
  • smoothron
    I wear hose and tights now for medical reasons, in the past i wore because i liked them and they helped my legs feel better(before i knew what was medicaly wrong)! and without them i couldnt hunt, or do things around the house or do things with wife and kids! I dont mind what other people wear, and my wife supports my wearing. Men have worn pantyhose forever weather they addmit it or not, so why not wear mens hose instead of womens? i am man enough to say i wear pantyhose or tights, with or without them i am same man, just like any other article of clothes. give it a shot
  • David
    I have worn pantyhose & tights for the last 5 years to help with leg problems (I am 47 years old). I had no idea at the start it would make such a huge difference by supporting the leg muscles & reduce how tired & achy my legs felt at the end of the day. I do not wear patterned hose as is pictured above, but each to his own. I prefer tan, beige or black hose, either sheer or opaque & often wear with shorts with no negative comments from any one. Even my sisters & brothers are accepting as they realize I wear a product made specifically for men. or legwear4men or as well as many more sell products designed to fit a mans body so the comfort & fit is correct. Much more so then trying pull on a pair of hose made for women. So don't get confused in thinking you can run down to your local drug store & buy a cheap pair of woman's pantyhose & then say the hose feels awful, does not fit, & bites your privates. You get what you pay for.
  • RichS
    Patterns...No, But would i try regular hose????Sure, As a motorcycle enthusiest, it can only help in the cooler temps!!! And, the feel isnt too bad!
  • Steve
    I wear pantyhose almost all year round. Between wearing on the motorcycle and general wear, they offer comfort and support because i sit most of the day. I don't understand the Gay reference. There is nothing gay about pantyhose except in the tiny minds of intolerant narrow minded bigots. I'm proud to wear them.
  • MattC
    I have been wearing pantyhose off and on over 20 years and not once have I considered being gay. Being a married man, and now over the past 2 years wearing full support pantyhose daily, I have never flet better. I used to deal with fatigue being on my feet all day long. At night I would have restless legs that kept me a wake at night. Pantyhose helps in relieving me of these issues. So I'm curious now, how does wearing pantyhose and better leg health have to do with the gay live style? In my view, the e-MANcipate web site is an informative website that answers questions to interested men that want to learn about men wearing leg wear. I don't see anything wrong with that. There isn't anything wrong with men wearing legwear at all. Don't be afraid to give it a try. I'm sure glad I did!
  • Marcus S.
    Surely you mean "self-deprecation". ;p ontopic: I'd rather just wear womens tight
  • Scoucer S.
    I have to wear tights (on medical grounds) and get them free, on prescription, from the NHS. Nothing "gay" about that. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!
  • SteveK
    Keep in mind that men and women tend to wear legwear for different reasons. Most women wear it for appearance - for fashion (before the bareleg look became popular), and because hosiery makes their legs look better. It covers up blemishes and veins and other results of ageing. Most men wear it because of the benefits - compression and support, veinous deficiencies and other circulation problems, warmth, sports performance, and protection from chafing and insects, for example. Thus there is a disconnect when you see a male model wearing patterned legwear, intended, one presumes, to show off his legs. Now he's wearing for fashion and appearance! Is it wrong? Not if you look at the history of clothing. Fashions evolve over time, and several centuries ago it was male fashion to wear tights (made of silk or cotton) and very short tunics so that the males could show off their legs. Women NEVER showed their legs or feet - it was considered indecent. In the Victorian age, the roles began to be reversed, and men stopped showing their legs. It was only in the 20th century that women started showing theirs.
  • Meggings B.
    [...] we featured the risible sight of mantyhose, tights for men. As far as we know, there hasn’t been a massive jump in sales, so we’re [...]
  • bright_sprk
    Brian2, that's because he's blind !
  • bomber j.
    You wouldn't feel it but I've wasted all day digging for some content articles about this. You happen to be a lifesaver, it was an very good read and has helped me out to no end. Cheers!
  • Mantyhose R.
    i LoVe Pantyhose - Mantyhose - Tights - Meggings , Etc ........ Because Men Have Legs Too .......... Understand?

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