Bitterwallet’s Christmas List: No 24 – The Hoff light switch

It'll come as no surprise to learn we all have the Ask The Hoff app on our iPhone and Android handsets (cough), but if somebody could begin mass production on this, they would bring about peace and prosperity around the world this Christmas:

Bitterwallet - the Hoff light switch

[Holy Taco]


  • D. H.
    Why o why don't the marketing geniuses behind "Hofmeister" beer use a certain well known & loved personality of a similar name as a brand ambassador, you never know it may even convince germans (who love me... sorry him) to drink pikey piss weak beer. It worked in the 80's with George the bear (follow the bear).. now he even has a clothing range at Asda. oh come on (Cathy) you KNOW you wan't to..
  • Anonymous
    For the above poster - Using an alcoholic to promote beer - FTW.

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