Bitterwallet’s Christmas List: No 20 – MST3000 shades

3 December 2009

I realise that I'll be one of roughly 17 people who probably understands the reference, and one of three people who would actually wear a pair of MST3shades (at home, not in public), but this is our Christmas list so you can screw off if you're not interested. The shades aren't available to buy - you'll have to make them - but know that these would be the best present ever. Nothing would make me happier than watch the 1954 black and white classic Them! wearing a pair:

Bitterwallet - Mystery Science Theatre 300 shades. Aces!

[Thingiverse] via [Oh Gizmo]


  • Stephanie
    What exactly are these glasses?
  • Jo
    OH! MY! GOD! I love MST more than anything in the world!!!! seriously, i am THAT sad!
  • Paul S.
  • Ben M.
    Legen-waitforit- dary. I basically am a walking MST3000, making me super fun for other people at the movies. A must!
  • hippy
    My life is almost complete! After i buy an automatic popcorn throwing machine for behind my sofa!
  • mein c.
  • Emma
    Brilliant! Love MST3k, but only ever seen it on youtube.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. So, basically you imagine you are at the movie theatre wearing these?

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