Bitterwallet's Christmas List: No. 14 - Jingle Belles DVD

It gets cold here in Bitterwallet HQ. Mighty cold. It’s mostly because we’ve got no heating and the only source of warmth is HotUKDeals on the floor below, but when things are slow down there it’s colder than a witch’s tit in here.

What we’d love is a roaring fireplace, but the boss told us to “go and swivel” when we asked him for one. In the absence of a lovely log fire, he said we’d have to settle for one of those authentic fireplace DVDs instead.

So, after minutes of research, we stumbled upon this festive treat, Jingle Belles. It contains unending footage of a crackling fire, but every so often, headless but not unattractive women home into view, toasting marshmallows and swanking about with Christmas gifts. It’s mesmerising.

Oh, yeah, there’s a one for the ladies too, with oiled beefcake parading around. Whatever.


  • NobbyB
    Check out 0.46 onwards ...
  • Cam M.
    Quality ... sorry Nobby but this one kills that burlesque one.

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