Bitterwallet's Christmas List: No. 12 - The Mood Tail

Evolution’s cruel mind-games have robbed almost all of humankind of the joy of owning a tail – but this Chinese inventor scoffs at evolution and is aiming to redress the balance.

He’s armed with a home-made tail, a few RFIDs, some servos and a Wii nunchuck. The world is his oyster and we want a part of it.

It’s called the ‘Mood Tail’ and is beloved of the mysterious ‘furry’ community – we’re not even sure who or what that is, nor do we give a flying one so you’ll have to just Google it for yourself.

But the existence of the Mood Tail takes us one step closer to the collective Bitterwallet dream – an online experience staffed by people who are completely unable to speak with each other owing to language barriers, but who can communicate via a language constructed from the subtle swishes and flourishes of a mechanical tail.

What do you mean we’ve never mentioned the collective Bitterwallet dream before?



  • goon
    what a dork. why not make something at least partially useful. like an arm or leg or some shit.
  • goon
    i bet he has an iphone come to think about it
  • The B.
    [...] were particularly taken with the ‘mood tail’ which flicked and twitched according to directions given by its owner and his/her/its Nintendo [...]

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