Bitterwallet’s Christmas List: No. 1 – the wrist-mounted flamethrower

28 August 2009

The first in an irregular series of stuff we want off Santa…

[via BuzzFeed]


  • Pizza_D_Action
  • casinodancer
    Wow want one!
  • The B.
    Be lot better if the pilot lights stopped going out.
  • Bullet
    Dont forget you have them on when you shake hands or scratch yourself, Instant toast though.
  • Mewling P.
    @Bullet "Dont forget you have them on when you shake hands or scratch yourself" We know what you mean, you dirty wanker.
  • Elliot
    Nobody here ever seen a Rammstein gig? those guys really know how to do pyro, see here for more photos. This guy does seem like he's going to kill himself in the not too distant future, but hey at least it'll be for our entertainment!
  • HeyDoYouHaveACaneoICanBorrowPlease
    And I thought attaching a lighter to a supersoaker and filling it with flammable screen wash was an awesome idea... Now I gotta make me one of these!
  • spong_miester
    Thats awesome!!!
  • Mike
    They sell these in ToysRUs in America, I saw then while on holiday

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