Bitterwallet Weekly Roundup 1/11/2008!! It's the weekend yet again.  As you recover from bingeing last night using Halloween as an excuse, here's the BW roundup of the week to help you get over the hangover:

News of The Week: Mans Arm Sucked Down Powerful Train Toilet

Deals of The Week: Cycle To Work scheme, and for those with a bit more cash to spend, buy an unused 2008 Aston Martin Vantage and receive a Mercedes SLK free!

Gadgets of The Week: Google G1 Android Mobile and Flying long-haul becomes less of a pain

Consumer Hacks of The Week:
Section 75 Credit Card Hack and Tools for automatically navigating call centre hell

Personal Privacy Issues of The Week: Military “iRobots” to Hunt Down Non-Cooperative Humans and 5 reasons your money is harder to access and easier to steal

Comic of The Week:

Consumer Legal Issues of The Week: Leave positive feedback on eBay or risk lawsuit and prepaid Phone Cards Not Delivering Minutes Promised

Consumer Complaints of The Week: Virgin Atlantic employ Enigma machine in customer service, TicketMaster hard to reach and of course, don't forget Final Call for Nominations: Worst Company in Britain Contest

Commercial Break of The Week: Crazy cartoon fun, courtesy of Diesel’s new ‘SFW campaign'

Have a good one!

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