Bitterwallet Weekly Roundup 1/11/2008

1 November 2008!! It's the weekend yet again.  As you recover from bingeing last night using Halloween as an excuse, here's the BW roundup of the week to help you get over the hangover:

News of The Week: Mans Arm Sucked Down Powerful Train Toilet

Deals of The Week: Cycle To Work scheme, and for those with a bit more cash to spend, buy an unused 2008 Aston Martin Vantage and receive a Mercedes SLK free!

Gadgets of The Week: Google G1 Android Mobile and Flying long-haul becomes less of a pain

Consumer Hacks of The Week:
Section 75 Credit Card Hack and Tools for automatically navigating call centre hell

Personal Privacy Issues of The Week: Military “iRobots” to Hunt Down Non-Cooperative Humans and 5 reasons your money is harder to access and easier to steal

Comic of The Week:

Consumer Legal Issues of The Week: Leave positive feedback on eBay or risk lawsuit and prepaid Phone Cards Not Delivering Minutes Promised

Consumer Complaints of The Week: Virgin Atlantic employ Enigma machine in customer service, TicketMaster hard to reach and of course, don't forget Final Call for Nominations: Worst Company in Britain Contest

Commercial Break of The Week: Crazy cartoon fun, courtesy of Diesel’s new ‘SFW campaign'

Have a good one!

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