Bitterwallet - the talk of London this Christmas!*

Let's be honest, you're not going to read a word of this. With any luck your brain is still bleeding after drinking all the booze in the world last night, and you've more to come this afternoon. That means we can publish any old bollocks and you won't care. For example, we could take a blurry photograph of a newspaper and pretend it's a story - that's how little of a shit you give today.

So here you go - the Evening Standard covering our story about Ben & Jerry's confusing themselves over whether their ice cream is vegetarian or not. Now go to the pub, will you? It's what Jesus would want.

Bitterwallet - Ben & Jerry's in the Evening Standard

* grossly over-exaggerated statement for the sake of a good headline


  • Akabusi
    Vegetarians? They'd change their minds if Busi's meat was on offer.
  • Lumoruk
    That photo of the paper is damn awful time for a new phone!
  • roy
    most phones take awful pictures in the dark.
  • JC
    Vegetarianism is an illness, full marks to Ben & Jerry for their attempt to cure these sick people!
  • charitynjw
    & it's not true - I gave a great big sh*t - must be the brussels!!
  • Hydrolyze D.
    Hi! Wonderful idea, but can this actually do the job?

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