Bitterwallet reader finds "excrement" in Hovis loaf

Last week we told you how avid Bitterwallet reader Caroline Cockburn had happened upon a gem stone inside a tin of Branston Baked Beans:

The Branston range of foods is manufactured by Premier Foods; we contacted them about Caroline's unexpected find, and were told we'd hear back from their PR agency, Cirkle PR. So far, we've heard nothing - obviously the possibility of a major health and safety issue didn't concern anyone too much.

Today we've heard from another Bitterwallet reader, Darren Goulston, and another allegedly serious problem with another Premier Foods product - Hovis:

"My wife purchased a medium loaf of Hovis Soft in Tesco Express West Dulwich for our dinner. As I was about to bite into my third slice a small black object fell off the corner of it.

"It looked like a rat dropping, but I could not be too sure. So I abandoned my dinner as I had lost my appetite and checked the loaf of bread only to find a larger item - it appears to be some kind of excrement, It is too big for a mouse or rat, but I have no idea what it is.

"I am still in shock and feel physically sick. I have bagged the loaf as in the picture in a food bag to store it."

Tasty. We've contacted Premier Food representatives again to ascertain what is happening here - the fact that two of our own readers have claimed to find foreign objects in food manufactured by the same company is more than a little concerning.


  • Darren G.
    The Loaf will be submitted to Lamberth Food Safety & Environmental health office tomorrow afternoon, I believe then they will investigate. I still feel sick every time I see the photo I took last night, I almost ate that little bit!
  • George
    my brother once had wood in his bread! Bit into it and end up needing dentist work! They couldn't have cared less!
  • Matt
    Wasn't this the same premier foods that had a mouse in something else? I can't remember if it was beans or bread.
  • Elvis P.
    Surely your getting the best of both - white and brown bread.
  • Paul
    That's enough to put you off bread for a long time
  • DragonChris
    That is disgusting... Sunblest forever.
  • PokeHerPete
    Darren, just wondering, are you Scottish?
  • Darren
    LOL, Scottish? No I'm a Londoner Born & "Bread"!
  • Alexis
    Steering clear of Hovis from now on...
  • Mr C.
    I once got wood eating a Fox's Glacier Mint
  • a s.
    That Hovis product sure is enough to put you off bread for a long time.
  • Nobby
    Cut it off, the rest is fine.
  • Paul S.
    Thanks Nana :)
  • Matt
    Brings a new meaning to 'I'm off to pinch a loaf'
  • Mark C.
    Shit sandwich!
  • Ben J.
    I have just found a similar strange brown substance in the exact same bread, medium soft white from Hovis...the loaf was brought around the same time as this article was published as the bread was going a little stale so I toasted it. I was about to bite into my cheese on toast when i saw the strange circular brown "thing" protuding out. Very disturbing.
  • Bready B.
    [...] Regardless, this is the third instance of foreign objects found in Premier Food products bought by o.... Since Premier Foods seem reluctant to comment on the matter, it’s over to you, the avid readers and enthusiastic home cooks. Could this be some congealed ingredient masquerading as an Eartha Kitt? [...]
  • bittertraveller
    So... has the lab come back on this? Where's the follow up to check the details?
  • Foreign B.
    [...] struck a rich vein of form with regards to unwanted items in foodstuffs. After our avid readers found gemstones in beans and curious brown deposits in loaves of Hovis, reader Ben has been in touch with this slightly more [...]
  • Babu
    I found exactly the same thing in my Hovis thick slice loaf today!
  • Mrs c.
    My son found goodness knows what when feeding his one year old son. It will go back toovisfir testing
  • Mrs c.
    It looks like a mouse tail but we can't obviously be sure the mouse that was in the loaf of bread that was found before did it have a tail?
  • Angela
    Awful! Can you imagine the shock. Whatever it is it' wrong. Shame on you hovis.
  • Marilyn c.
    Sorry About my spellings! Hovis will hopefully tell us what was in the bread. I shall tell you what they say!
  • Kim
    I have previously worked in a large bakery & to me it looks like what we call "bakery residue" - maybe a small piece of dough that got dropped in a tin, when through the oven & not removed before the next dough piece got put in. Or maybe some rye dough that got hung up somewhere on the line & then came loose & attached itself to this dough piece.
  • Michelle W.
    Hi i have a loaf of medium white hovis loaf and found something init also it dont look normal and i feel sick i am however emailing hovis about this to get some answers

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