Bitterwallet Radio - your desert island discs if you please

It’s Friday, so let’s shake down our hair, loosen our girdles a notch or two and start gearing up for the weekend with another dose of Bitterwallet Radio.

Like last week’s ‘first record ever bought’ playlist, it’s easy peasy. Today’s theme is ‘My Desert Island Disc’ – the one song you couldn’t bear to be without if you were stranded in a real life Lost scenario.

You’ll need Spotify installed to be able to join in, but frankly, if you haven’t got it already, we’re not sure you’re cool enough to be hanging around with us.

Just click here to open the playlist in Spotify - then search for your track before right-clicking it and selecting ‘Save To Bitterwallet Playlist.’

Feel free to fess up to and justify your song choices below…


  • David
    Has to be New Order... ;-)
  • Lee
    Not my usual genre of liking, but Salvador hit some great vibes in this uplifting track.
  • dave_mac
    Gotta be Rapper's Delight, not only does it hark back to better times in the origins of hip-hop before guns, bitches and bling - but it is a true HotDeal of a Desert Island Disc at 14 minutes 37 seconds :)
  • Lee
    @dave_mac - Thanks for that! Should get me through doing the dishes! :o)
  • MBeeching
    Depeche Mode: Enjoy The Silence. I wanted the 15 minute Quad: Final Mix but all the ones listed on Spotify are incorrect.
  • JudgeDread
    Added some Sisters and some Dragonforce, playlist needed some serious geet action
  • JudgeDread
    and some Jimmy
  • MBeeching
    I think i'm done : ) Depeche Mode: Enjoy the silence Q Lazzarus: Goodbye Horses The Prodigy: No Good (Start The Dance) Belinda Carlisle: Leave a Light On Talking Heads: This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) Bruce Springsteen: Streets of Philadelphia Shame about the shortage of Peter Gabriel tracks though...
  • Harry
    I added "Over My Head (Cable Car)" by The Fray. Not a huge fan of theirs but this song was on repeat the year I bought my first house (2006). I totally related to the chorus "everyone knows I'm in over my head"! Now I play it whenever I feel down and have a shouty sing-along with the chorus!!
  • Alistair
    I'll be missing you - Puff Daddy & Faith Evans -which I guess is extra relevant on a desert island I'm not a lover of either artist I just love the song
  • Maxib0y
    British Sea Power from me! One of the best songs of last year.
  • Can’t B.
    [...] you can create your own playlists, share them online and create collaborative playlists that other people can add tracks to. It’s the new but a whole lot sexier, and a whole lot [...]

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