Bitterwallet Radio - The first single you ever bought please.

Time for some music – Bitterwallet Radio is born and open for business. We’ve set up a Spotify playlist and today’s theme is ‘The First Single I Bought.’

We want to reach back into your psyches and find out where your musical head was at during your formative years, while hopefully providing us with some Friday afternoon fun at the same time.

Joining in is this simple…

  • Open this playlist link in Spotify. Download and install Spotify here if you haven't already.
  • Search it for the first single you ever bought (or first mp3 you ever downloaded if you’re some kind of whippersnapper). Right click on it and select ‘Save To Bitterwallet Playlist.’
  • Sit back and enjoy the haphazard musical tastes of your fellow readers. Or just click on and listen to the songs you like yourself while ignoring all the other bollocks.

Feel free to admit to and justify your selections in the comments section. But please try to restrict yourself to adding one song to the playlist. Unless no one bothers, then we’ll turn it into a free-for-all at about 2pm.

And be brutally honest. Bitterwallet staff have provided the first three tracks on the list and let's face it, it’s nothing short of an absolute travesty. Sorry – this could get really, really messy...

(Idea nicked wholesale from The Word magazine)


  • Keen
    fugees killing me softly not too embarrassing!
  • Paul S.
    Good call on Mel and Kim. And I hate to admit to liking Cotton Eye Joe, but it takes me back to the Mardi Gras in Darlington, circa 1995...
  • Nick
    Birdie Song, i was very young though, and my music tastes have improved since, honest.
  • Andrew R.
    Sorry for adding Achy Breaky heart ;(
  • Andy D.
    Respect to whoever added Billie Jean. It is one of the five greatest pop singles of all time and I can prove it on an Etch A Sketch.
  • Jo
    Sorry but I loved a bit of Kylie when I was wee! They don't have the original so it wasn't this live version obviously :D
  • Joff
    Scarily, the Prince Batdance single above was quite possibly my first purchase out of my own pocket money. Go go go with a smile. Prior to that, I remember getting Nick Berry with Every Loser Wins under the tree one Christmas. Santa's got such great taste it's unreal.
  • Chris H.
    'turtle power' by whoever it was by oh the shame
  • chrisg.
    Wow. Batdance was my first 7" as well. How odd.
  • Paul S.
    That one is mine. Anticipation of Batman at the cinema meant I bought anything with a bat on it beforehand. Except bats, obviously.
  • MBeeching
    Hey Chris Hill, mine was also Turtle Power by good ol' Partners in Kryme : )
  • The B.
    Pink Floyd's The Wall when I was aged 8.
  • Stephen C.
    Yellow River by Christy was my first...... the record player amp had valves in it and it glowed... I feel very old.... this is so sad
  • Joff
    I went to see Batman at the Peterborough Showcase for my 10th Birthday. It was rated a 12 so it made me the popular kid in my class for a day until smelly Peter puked on the carpet during story time and the caretaker had to put sawdust over it. :( usurped by carrots and bile, shocking.
  • Rich
    Rat rapping. Remains a classic. surely one of the best records by a rodent ever.
  • Netizen
    Continuing the novelty/one-hit-wonder theme, mine is Scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop). Cassette single from Woolies, £1.99!
  • leigh_eb
    New Radicals, Get what you give for me, still one of my favourites!
  • little e.
    Gary Glitter's Rock n Roll part 2 (i'm embrassed to admit now for obvious reasons) was the first single i ever bought. I feel better though knowing that somebody else has added to the list another of his hits I'm The Leader Of The Gang as their first single.....
  • HotUKDeals B.
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  • Amanda H.
    Star Trekkin by The Firm (..but, don't tell anyone)
  • wolf359
    tiger feet by mudd
  • Princessbullit
    im sorry guys ....especially for you jason and kylie was the 80's i was young and neighbours was the in thing (hangs head in shame)
  • Bitterwallet B.
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  • elhombremalo
    that was my playlist idea for the word! I've added my first single (Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Anthem)

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