Any other business? 10th October 2008

Here is the Bitterwallet news roundup for Friday:

1. Miracles of compounding interest [Kiplinger]
What money can't buy: time. Combine that with life extension technologies, and we got a winner...

2. Six Times It's Easy to Ask for a Discount [Free Money Finance]
All you gotta do is ask.

3. Beating the Budget Crunch [Smart Money]
Weak consumer spending, unemployment, housing meltdown and the credit crunch, maybe it's time to do the numbers again.

4. Will a freezer save you money?
[MSN Money]
"With food prices rising, it may be tempting to stock up on sale items for later use. But also consider the initial purchase price of a freezer and the continuing cost of running it."

5. New Taser Weapons for Crowd Control [Prison Planet]
Sounds like fun. That is, if you're not on the receiving end...

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