Bitterwallet needs a new Senior Editor! Is that you?

The Bitterwallet team, earlierContrary to popular belief, there's a crack team of writers at Bitterwallet HQ - a small-but-dedicated bunch of hearty souls who like nothing else than to sniff out consumer-related stories. Alas, one of the team is leaving. Some say he will be slowly poisoned with strychnine and his body dumped in a lay-by near Barnard Castle. Others say he won't be so lucky.

That person is me.

That's why we need a new senior editor, preferably a good one this time, to steer the good shop Bitterwallet through the choppy seas of consumer news. You'll work with the other editors and be responsible for a small team of freelancers, as well as keeping an eye out for new writing talent. Ludicrous ideas for competitions and promotions? You'll need some of them too.

You'll also be responsible for writing posts and you'll need to pen original journalism that makes a real difference to consumers. You won't be afraid to challenge PR people over the phone or keep chasing a story to the bitter (heh) end. You'll probably have to piss and moan at the broadsheets when they steal your stories. I can provide a list.

Work from home bollock-naked if you like. See if we care. I do. And you'll get paid for it too. Interested? Sure you are. Send your CV and any recent examples of your writing to [email protected] The closing date is this Friday, 5th August. Be seeing you.


  • Mark E.
    Hello, my name is Mark and I live in Spain, can I have a job please, I have been a Señor Editor since my testes dropped.
  • StauntonLick
    You're leaving, Paul? But what about all the good times? ... Fair enough.
  • Owen
    I hear rebekah brooks has submitted her cv
  • jo
    :( Sad to see you go Paul, you put a lot into this site I've always enjoyed reading your articles and check the site everyday. Will you be writing articles elsewhere online?
  • Brian
    ha ha the fuckers got sacked for shaggin the owners wife (my exclusive),hope you had a good time
  • Paul S.
    Amazing, Brian. Thanks, Jo :)
  • dvdj
    I used to think you were a bit of a twat, but then I warmed to you. Where you going? Got a proper job?
  • Paul S.
    I am a bit of a twat. Never be in doubt that I'm a bit of a twat. I'm not trusted with a proper job anymore. Hopefully I'll still pop up here now and again.
  • andy y.
    WTF is dis real? As you can see I studied journalism at Teesside Polytechnic.
  • Plate.Smasher
    I have been in talks for the past couple of weeks with a Nigerian General (I can’t pronounce his name because it has a click in it), he contacted me out of the blue and has promised to give me lots of money for doing next to nothing for it, I just have to supply him with some personal details, I thought well if the government can't keep my details secret then why should I? The point is that if you find times are hard for you Paul when you leave BW give me a ding and if you like I’ll cut you in on it, you see what a nice guy I am!
  • Dick
    I forsee another twitter based adventure.
  • Cy B.
    Bitterwallet in Phone hacking scandal shock?
  • Tony P.
    I want to work from home. Actually I want to wank from home and get paid for it. Can I have a job please ?
  • charitynjw
    You've been head-hunted by Murdoch, haven't you? Yes you have, I read your inbox......

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