Bitterwallet magazine cover competition - and the winner is...

...Craig McIntosh! With THIS!

BW COVER cmcintosh

Well done Craig - after keeping them on tenterhooks for weeks about whether or not the competition actually existed or whether they'd just imagined it, the people have spoken, and it's your cover that they'd like to see wrapped around the first ever issue of Bitterwallet magazine. Which we've got no actual plans to make. But it was all LOTS of fun.

Craig will be the happy recipient of a £25 Amazon voucher soon, and thanks again to those of you who took part and voted.


  • Boris
    But ... Isn't it more of a fan magazine about Bitterwallet than a Bitterwallet magazine. A new competition is in order I feel.
  • fra
    I didn't vote because they were all shit and I don't believe in rewarding incompetence. Surely this competition should be declared void!
  • Catweazle
    We demand a statement from PokeHerPete.
  • andy y.
    Photo shows the wrong end of the fox.
  • Boris
    @yarm In my experience there is no "wrong" end. Only a good end and a best end.
  • Neil
    Ooh, have we got a video?
  • God s.
    My goodness that's awful
  • Boris
    After consulting my chief poleopolist about this so-called competition I have been advised that placing an entry at the bottom of the list gives is a significant unfair advantage. This is especially true when you'd have to scroll back up the page to see the first three entries. As my entry was not even in this short-list I will keep Carter Ruck on a leash this time but if any of the other three big losers want their phone number then just ask. On an unrealted matter I a have decided to chane my name to Boris Ziraleet-Johnson to highlight my multicultural background in the next Mayoral election.
  • bloke b.
    Well there it is... I thought it was pushing it with the whole biro cover an all... still there is some prestige in coming second... ...but no prize it seems! ;(
  • PokeHerPete
    Official statement: "Today has been a great, today we have justice. A man does what he must - in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures - and that is the basis of all human morality."

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