Bitterwallet HQ takes delivery of new office chairs



  • Ducky
    I think these were on Dragon's Den!
  • Pokey
    One of you is bound to get your cock stuck in one while you're looking at that latest Ann Summers deal over at HUKD. Do we also get a posting about the visit from the fire service to get you out?
  • Honky S.
    The 2nd one is nicked from the Eurogames, LeasePlan!
  • MattS
    I wonder if you can buy these anywhere? I really would, as long as they had some with padded arms.
  • Joff
    Quirky yes, but you've not really furnished the offices with a load of shonky trolleys and a couple of cushions have you? Surely Paul could afford a few Herman Miller Aerons the cheapskate!
    counting the moolah while the staff sit in the rubbish 2grand each these cunts
  • Paul N.
    No we've obviously not bought these :) It's called authorial license... or something...
  • pip
    these would be great if you had visitors you didn't like. Bet they wouldn't sit in these for long!

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