Bitterwallet exposed in "cash for reviews" shocker

You know us. We try and do our best, but overall we're a ramshackle bunch of incompetent layabouts churning out nonsense day after day. We've played our part in calling out corporations, even the law on reasonably important matters - but if you like it best when we dick about and publish photos of supermarket price labels.

Bitterwallet - doteasyOne thing we're not, however, is a whorehouse, which means we won't take money for product reviews. Obviously that sort of thing goes on, and we like to tell you when people ask us to do it - we wouldn't want you reading reviews you consider impartial when they're not.

So for the past few days, we've been chatting with an individual offering us money to place a review of domain registration company Doteasy. Not a huge amount of money, admittedly, but enough that we could have created a throwaway review and taken the bribe without people caring much. We told the individual that yes, we'd run a review. We were then asked if we wanted the review to be supplied? Yes! Brilliant! A step closer to Andy's dream of work done by 8 and the rest of the day spent wanking like chimps and eating chocolate. Good times.

So here it is. We've had to tinker with the ending so it suited the style of Bitterwallet, but hopefully we'll still get paid our money:

Having thoughts of getting a website?Though it is noticeable how billions of people are already creating their own websites, I’m guessing there are still more who would like to have their own but just couldn’t or just don’t know how to. Even after when blogs finally came into the picture which is, by the way, a lot easier to create, there are still many who are confused with the whole process. Well, it’s not surprising since there are things to consider before setting up a site especially a real website. But things aren’t really that complicated.

I wouldn’t even try discussing why people even bother to create one cause the advantages especially for a company is just too obvious. So where do you start? Well, above anything else, you should first find a web hosting provider where you’ll host your site with. If you’re short on the budget, you can find a lot of free web hosts around. But the problem with free web hosts is that most of the time, they just aren’t reliable enough and in the end, you get a lot of downtime issues. Some even put a lot of annoying banner ads and pop-ups in exchange for the free service they are providing.

Fucking shitehawks, eh? So why buy your domains from that bunch of piss drinking slags when you can buy them from Doteasy - their prices are looser than a hen night in Hull. Easydot - lube up and get conkers deep in their great value hosting packages today, but remember - there may be vinegar strokes, but you won't blow a load.

To be fair to Doteasy, it looks like the work of a chancer called Iris Cal who signed up for their affiliate scheme, since the rest of their suggested blog post was riddled with hyperlinks and tracking codes. We'll be letting Iris know we've published a glowing review and await payment. Meanwhile, if you've any suggestions what we should spend our ill-gotten gains on, let us know!


  • Pinky
    The bed from the commercial below. Buy it, but it now.
  • Simon
    As they say, no publicity is bad publicity! Hopefully you'll still get the bung... from the fucking weasel!
  • Businessman
    Iris likes to talk dirty eh? Tell her your reviewing policy requires meeting in person - see if you can get a little extra something on the bribe.
  • Klingelton
    @business man don't forget to film it though ;)
  • Junkyard
    "Even after when blogs finally came into the picture which is, by the way, a lot easier to create" Nice that she's made an effort to master your prose style Paul. ;)
  • Neil
    Klingelton, they can then sell it to a company that want's to advertise beds.

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