Bitterwallet deals on MyVoucherCodes is a cheap trick

Like many people with websites, we have Google Alerts set up so we can see when people discuss Bitterwallet elsewhere on the intermaweb. Today we're delighted to announce that Bitterwallet is now offering voucher codes, discounts, promo codes and deals with our partners at MyVoucherCodes!

Bitterwallet - MyVoucherCodes misleading deals

Hang on a minute.

Of course we're doing no such thing. MyVoucherCodes recognises that we cover these topics on a regular basis, and receive search traffic as a result. They're passing themselves off as us by plastering our name all over their site, to try and divert search traffic from Bitterwallet to their coupons.

There may very well be good deals on wallets and the like, but they're nothing to do with us whatsoever. Thanks, MyVoucherCodes!


  • Mike
    Not a good week for Myvouchercodes:
  • Emma
    Found similar for HotUKDeals and PlayPennies, Bitterwallet's sister sites :(
  • Guest
    Almost right. Whatever you type into their search bar, it creates a page for. That way if anyone enters a retailer they don't have, they will create a page automatically and start picking up long tail traffic.
  • DikeVanDik
    The dreaded shocking spam practices of mark person and marko media rear their head again. Theyve been doing such stuff for years. Ive no idea why they havent been fined yet.
  • Billy
    I think you are being a little unfair. They do seem to offer some good advice. Piss poor attempt at manipulating their engine, I'm sure this can easily be trumped by others :)

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