Bitterwallet checkup... three months in

It's now been just over three months since we launched Bitterwallet. Behind us lies a trail of broken consumer dreams and abandoned trolleys, crushed remains of Woolworths signage and the bitter taste of retail marketing. Ahead of us stretches the empty vistas of unrealised rants and Tesco labels which are yet nothing but the dreams of a sleeping row manager.

So two questions... where have we been and where are we going?

Since launch, Bitterwallet has pretty quickly taken the spot of the biggest UK consumer blog out there. Together we've managed 875 posts, 4140 comments, 423,000 visits and 707,000 page views. On our biggest day we had over 10,000 visitors to the site and just last week we cracked 600 subscribers to our RSS feed.

The best thing about Bitterwallet is the increasing amount of tips and info being sent in from all of you. Probably the best scoop from the community was the tip from an anonymous Bitterwallet reader that Tom Barry was leaving Tech Guys which we broke a day before the national news. Please keep sending the dirt in to [email protected]!

All of you in the Bitterwallet community put a pretty big responsibility on our shoulders. There's definitely a lot of places we can improve and in many ways we're still finding our feet in what stories to chase and feature. With that in mind, please help us by hitting the comments and let us know (1) what you've found useful and interesting, (2) things we're doing we can improve on and how, (3) lastly, what areas we haven't touched on that we should.

Our vision is to continue chasing consumer stories, tips and news while not losing our sense of humour. We think there is a real place for a site that digs up the dirt on companies and dishes it out, spots the ridiculous in consumer marketing, keeps up to date with consumer news and highlights particular bargains or tips in realtime.

Thanks and here's to the next three months!


  • Ben
    'cracked 600 subscribers to our RSS feed.' wow as i might be very wrong but must have gone really down hill in a week to have lost over 140 at 456 atm?
  • Paul N.
    Hey Ben - it goes up and down depending on how many read the feed that day. As it's RSS there's no "subscription" - it's more a case of how many people are using the RSS feed and have loaded it up so a RSS hit can be counted. So it generally peaks on Monday and then is the lowest on weekends.
  • Andy v.
    hey, hey, heeyyy! Well done. I certainly enjoy the posts you provide. Nice threads, and some humour thrown in for good luck. can't beat it. Screw the haters!!
  • Andy
    Well done guys - I really enjoy reading here, its a nice extension to endlessly refreshing HUKD :D
  • Mike H.
    Happy 3 months in BW, we luv u. Your mum, Mike Hock
  • Ash
    Bitterwallet rocks, keep up the good work. Love Dale Winton x
  • si
    more feral trolleys please maybe a few woolworths where are they now trolleys or the oldest trolly or even pimp my trolly !!
  • Amanda H.
    This place is ok I suppose, but we could reaaaalllly do with more Jade Goody Material.
  • andy y.
    All property is theft Vivian
  • Will
    I love BitterWallet - as consumers, its just what we need in these recessionful times. Thanks for the non-seriousness. And keep it that way; continue ignoring the anti-swearers. If they're that bothered, they should have some sorta net-nanny software installed on their systems anyway. What would be nice is more consumer stories - I know that depends on the community sending stuff in, but you could encourage people to BCC you in on complaint emails, and give tips about contacting organisations. Anyhoo, keep it up!

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