Bitterwallet brings down Tesco!*

* entirely misleading headline, so please stop typing in the comments box

Many have speculated that Bitterwallet holds the power to bring down companies, armies, even entire civilisations. It is, of course, absolutely true. If you're drawing breath into your puny lungs, it's only because Bitterwallet decreed it.

Require proof? Behold yesterday's post of Tesco Value Cards, a parody website selling greeting cards for all occasions. We reported the site was under pressure from Tesco itself to shut down and less than 24 hours later, is gone. If we say it's going to happen, it happens, such is our might.

Oh alright, so we had nothing whatsoever to do with it. James from the website got in touch with Bitterwallet to tell us why the site had to go:

To be fair, the people at Tesco were very nice about it – I’m quietly confident even their stern legal department had a little chuckle to themselves, but they rightly said it uses their logo etc. But, look at all the free advertising I’ve throwing their way! And really, what harm has it done? These cards have been around for 4 or 5 years now, and if just one Asda or Morrison shopper nips in to Tesco instead, then I think I’ve done them a service.

Furthermore – Asda have decided to release their own “new” basic range card. 7 pence or something. What a joke! This idea was around long before them. But, they embraced it, and they had a top BBC news story for a few days.

I can no longer afford to be connected to the site. I wonder if someone else might pick it up and keep the dream alive though. Thanks to all of your readers, and yourselves, that supported the site!

Interesting that ASDA took the initiative and profited from the concept. We said it was a good idea. We really are brilliant beyond words.


  • James (.
    Thanks for the article - although one point I feel I should defend... They actually requested it to be removed about a month ago. I held strong, so that 10,000 Valentines Cards could be downloaded. I feel the risk I took was worth the happiness i'm sure I brought to 10,000 women.
  • Andrew R.
    I think my partner would have my balls for breakfast if I got her one of those cards - sure someone will host them though!
  • Darren W.
    I would host them through my photography site no problem.
  • Bob
    Wheres the spam button?
  • Consumer W.
    More than happy to host/run the site. We have our own server. Drop us a line if you want us to help! CS
  • BeerRunner
    Still available here; : for those that missed them
  • Martin
    To James from tescovalue Print this out for yourself
  • James (.
    Fantastic, you've made my day! Knock yourselves out.
  • Honky S.
    My missus loved it!
  • tesco
    still available in the google cache.
  • Helen C.
    I'm only surprised that Tesco haven't borrowed the idea yet, and used it for themselves.

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