Bitterwallet asks... "What's the worst thing you've found in your dinner?"

_56732037_jex_19798_de25-1 We’ve all been horrified by the news story of the man who found a dead bird in his Tesco baby leaf and rocket salad recently. We’re sure you were as distressed as we were to learn that Paul Streeter’s girlfriend was sick after discovering the avian carcass as she was licking her lips and preparing to tuck in.

Paul said: “Suddenly my girlfriend shrieked and couldn't believe what she'd found on her plate. She had ladled the salad onto her plate and thought she was cutting into one of the dark leaves and what she found was a dead bird. I didn't know what to think. I was concerned about the health of my family as they had eaten some of the salad.”

Tesco have promised a thorough investigation, and we’ll be investigating thoroughly next time we attempt to eat one of their ‘salads’ as well.

All of which brings us to the question, ‘what’s the greatest/worst thing YOU’VE ever found in some food?’ Tell us in the box below, and if you’ve got pictures, that’ll be even better.

Warning: There are NO PRIZES. We’re not even sure whether or not it’s ‘for fun’ or not.


  • Dick
    Salad in a burger and bun.
  • TheStomach
    I found several bits of a dead chicken in my takeaway curry last night.
  • PokeHerPete
    You omitted the rest of Paul's statement: "The events didn't exactly happen like that, I just opened the pack and saw it there but Id thought Id make it more dramatic because Im a cheap bastard and thought lying to make the story better so I get a few more quid selling it to the media." This level of lying puts Paul on par as that scummy woman who feeds her todder pasties from the 99p shop.
  • Wonkey H.
    I found a fox's bumhole in my burrito...Yum :)
  • daniel
    A hole in my Polo :(
  • The H.
    Isn't this normal for Zummerzet ?
  • Andrea
    That's easy, mushrooms.
  • The B.
    I keep finding dead birds in my bed, it looks like they've been strangled so I just dump 'em in the canal.
  • Joff
    Wash and bag salad in fields and that's what you get. In future, stop being lazy and buy a lettuce. Disclaimer: Lettuce may require washing because was grown in the dirt.
  • SpaffHead
    what ever happened to the odd, accidential, fully chocolate kit kat finger? That's when quality control becomes shit!
  • joanne c.
    A savoy cabbage with a few hundred baby caterpillars.
  • BM J.
    I went for a student special curry lunch back in the day, within a remarkably short space of time a 'chicken' curry arrived. We started picking at this cooked meat and uncovered a bone carcasse that, according to my zoology lunch compatriot was that of a cat. Quite tasty but it was never a madras as advertised.
  • Kenan
    I once food a screw in the tuna.

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