Bit childish, HMV. But funny.

Spotted by avid Twitter user @DanWrexham...



  • Samuel B.
    I don't see anything wrong ....... wow Katy Perry in the 2 for 10 ...... o HMV you rascals.
  • Sicknote
    Well, he is a complete quim so nothing wrong in my opinion.
  • Mark
    £3 is a bit much for a Justin Beiber CD isn't it?
  • whisky
    I'd give Katy Perry two for £10.
  • Richard
    Some customer's blates just picked up 3 copies of J.B. and stuck them in front of some other artist to make it look like a joke :-P
  • Boris
    @richard Your Sherlockian logic has spoilt the joke for me. I hope Santa brings you coal for Christmas.
  • Adam C.
    I took this picture!! Honestly. Look at my Facebook pictures for the original.

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