Birds Eye stick a knife through the heart of the Captain

Frozen food giant Birds Eye is launching a new branding and packaging as part of a £60 million Europe-wide relaunch.

They've ditched the salty dog Captain Birdseye and his keen crew of suspiciously young seamen (which is probably wise, in this Yewtree era), although there's no word on whether that polar bear character has been given his P-45 yet.

The campaign, called The Food of Life, aims to ‘champion real food and the way real people eat and interact at meal times’. Shall we have a look at it?

Birds Eye are also trebling their digital spend, and increasing its presence on social media. Overall, the company should be spending approximately £16m in 2014 alone.

That means you'll be hounded by them, day and night, like a seafarer who can't unsee the terrors of the ocean.


  • George C.
    I'd like to see the polar bear disappear forever too, but unfortunately they've spent too much money trademarking it and having fluffy toys made. Yes they have. But which teenaged marketing "executive" thought that droning and highly sinister transatlantic accent might actually be a good idea? The sort of person with a voice like that would have kids tied up in the basement. If those fluffy toys had gimp masks it would be nearer the mark.
  • Fagin
    that ad is already pissng me off as much as the kid is with her actor voice over in crime "dad"..christ they got paid for this pish?
  • DragonChris
    I quite like the Polar bear...

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