BILLY Savile wants to visit the Theme Hospital?

Avid Bitterwallet reader and retro game enthusiast Michael Lockwood got in touch after he enjoyed a late-night bout of Theme Hospital. Well, he was enjoying it until THIS happened...


Erm, no thanks....

EDIT: As avid Bitterwallet reader Dick notes below in the comments.... here he comes....



  • Dick
    Here he comes ...
  • vibeone
    I posted this on my facebook when I saw it a while ago. He's quite insistant, and keeps trying even if you say no. In the end I gave in and let him take a peak. I had to build an extra inflator room after he bummed a few patients a little too hard. Live and learn.
  • Chris
    Was it Great Ormond Street?
  • captain c.
    Aw crap!! I just bought a copy of this for the kids!! (Starts praying their deductive skills are as bad as their English and Maths.)

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