Bill Gates unhappy with bog-standard toilets

bite_me_toilet_300 It can’t be denied that Bill Gates has forever changed the world in which we live, you know, with all that computer stuff and that. But the big guy has hinted that his greatest challenge may still lie ahead – to revolutionise the humble toilet.

Bill appeared at the Techonomy conference in California yesterday with just one thing on his mind – sorting out the bogs.

“Latrines are fascinating” he said, while explaining that he has read scores of books on the subject, adding: “No one wants to read about it — it’s one of the greatest under-investments.”

Among his other pronouncements were…

“We’re gonna have a breakthrough in the latrines” (heh heh)

“It’s a super-important topic… you can visit poor-world latrines and learn from that as well.”

“When it comes to things like investing in new toilets, not much money goes into that… you end up with the low IQ guy on the toilets.” (heh heh again, we think)

The crux of Bill’s point was that although the humble toilet works perfectly well, it isn’t efficient… and someone is going to come along and sort it out. Will it be Bill Gates? We’re dying to find out.

[Tech Crunch]


  • zeddy
    I can hardly wait for his next in a series of shithole technology.
  • zacspeed
    just imagine, halfway through dropping the cosby children off at the superbowl &the fucking thing blue screens on you!
  • jonstorm2000
    I can almost hear the paperclip now :- 'You don't appear to have wiped your arse properly, would you like some assistance?' or 'You haven't washed your hands, would you like to use The Wizard?'
  • zacspeed
    brings new meaning to crash dump analysis!
  • having t.
    hopefully the cubicle won't have Windows!
  • Guybrush T.
    What else could he do? What about hairdye for old women; the blue-rinse of death.
  • Zleet
    You shit in it then press press/pull a lever and it's not there any more, how exactly would you 'improve' that short of having a robot hand clean your ring for you?
  • parpparp
    I can see it now. "Are you sure you want to flush this turd?" "Yes." Then weeks later you find it taking up space in your recycling bin.
  • Bloke
    Using Gates' pricing model you'll need to buy a new lav every time you want a pee or a poo. There's something in Wired about flushless toilets in the latest issue that I've got. Apparently it drew little support from plumbers. Now there's a battle I'd like to see, Gates against the plumbers.

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