Big 'will he/won't he' news from Essex...

From the aptly-named This Is Total Essex website - the site where you'll get the COMPLETE Essex experience and no piece of news is deemed too trivial...

Screen Shot 2012-09-05 at 10.35.41


  • Idi A.
    Thanks to (as usual)
  • whatever
    "and no piece of news is deemed too trivial…" That applies to Bitterwallet as well then ...
  • Sicknote
    Oddly I also needed planning permission for a shed in my garden because the roof line was above a certain height; it served it's purpose for me to finish my Chesil Speedster and is currently for sale. Anyone want to buy a shed...?
  • Nikey H.
    Yah, I got a shed as well. I call it the shagging chamber, It is occupued by me and a different female every Friday night
  • Dick
    ^ Female what is the question. Cat, dog, or hamster?

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