Bic pen may be mightier than the sword, might not be

It's the weekend, so far be it from us to do any actual work, especially when we can simply browse Amazon and rip off the outstanding reviews left by users. Take, for example, a set of four Bic Crystal Ballpoint Pens. For sure, when Marcel Bich founded his company in 1945, could he ever have imagined his products would polarise opinions the world over?

Yes, it's fair to say that tucked away amongst Amazon's vast product range which includes the popular Playmobil Security Check Point, a silent battle is raging:


  • andy y.
    When Will Bic make a disposable condom?I'm tired of washing out that Durex I bought in Nimmos Chemist when I was 15.
  • Pokey
    Yeah well, I worked in a residential unit for young people. We ha d to stop using BIC pens because the young people were constantly stealing them to use to make homemade bongs.
  • bigchimp
    Good on you for holding down a job Pokey.
  • Pokey
    Well, I got fired eventually for stealing too many BIC pens.
  • P E.
    what to do with all your new pens .....
  • Seymour B.
    I think that's just silly. Haven't people got anything better to do than write stupid reviews. Honestly.
  • Mike R.
    I blame Blue Peter for the use of bic's in bongs.
  • Mike H.
    What's with all the joke names? That's just immature, my mates, Wayne Kerr, Hugh Jassman and Mike Hunt all agree.
  • Narcissus
    There's one thing a Bic Pen IS mightier than: A Kryptonite Evolution 2000 Bike Lock.
  • @Mike H.
    @Mike Hock Please don't feed the trolls. There's not enough food in the world as it is. Homer Sexual
  • halflife
    A generation of school children have grown up relying on the nourishment they get out of chewing biros. I for one ensure my children chew one red and two blue ones every day (it’s important that kids get a varied diet). Halflife
  • Mike H.
    Halflife, that's disgusting, I can't believe you treat your kids like that, how can you call yourself a parent? They should be on at least 5-a-day, so they should be eating rubbers, chewing pencils and sucking felt-tips, you disgust me!
  • nana r.
    PMSL do u lot actually have jobs/other ways of occupying your time? made a poorly gal chuckle tho, thx :)
  • iain
    The first reviewer does actually have a point (although that might be an accident). I'm left-handed and I always struggle to write with ballpoint pens. Give me a nice gel pen any day!

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