Beware the Tesco bait-and-switch

If you're off to do the big shop at Tesco today, you best watch out for this 'special offer' on Lenor fabric conditioner.

Avid Bitterwallet reader Francis spotted this prominent end-of-aisle display at the Newtownabbey branch at the weekend, offering bottles of Lenor Infusions for just £2:

Bitterwallet - Tesco display

"The posters clearly show the 42 wash size," said Francis, "yet the shelves were stocked with the 34 wash size and the smaller ticketing also shows that it's the 34 wash size that is reduced to £2".

Bitterwallet - Tesco display 2

The 42 wash size was available elsewhere in the store, but at a cost of £3.47, not £2.


  • PaganWolf
    They truly are bastards aren't they? I would head straight to customer services and argue with the badly trained chimps in the store nearest me until they gave me the 42 wash one for that price.
  • Late
    Buy the 42 wash one, pay the £3.47, go to customer services and tell them you've been overcharged, and collect £2.94 DTD - effectively paying £0.53 for the 42 wash bottle... I'm fighting a strong urge to finish the post with "Simples"...
  • GrabmyJoystick
    Simply an admin error, it won't be long until a shelf barker is place on display to admit their error, or the pictorial POS is removed, it happens at all shops. Just tell someone about the error instore, no need to report it to Bitterwallet, it's a simple mistake which anyone could make. I work in admin at a Morrisons store and we usually spot when mistakes are made on POS. Always getting POS in with the wrong pack sizes on. Just one of those things we need to look out for!
  • Pipster
    Dear PaganWolf, can you explain to me (Badly Trained Chimp that i appear to be...) why you are such an idiot? Many thanks...
  • Steve
    Dear Pipster, Its due to most Customer Services Treating it like its theyr money and being generally stroppy when things are a clear price mistake and thus trying to worm out of Double the Difference
  • Steve
    Example £5 Meal Deal Large Pasta Garlic Bread Desert Came through at £7 odd Took it to CS oh thats due to you having to pick up the price marked garlic bread that btw wasnt there just the non price marked I spent 20 mins arguing with that old bag Not due to me really caring about the cash the the grief she gave me after just spending £165 instore
  • Pipster
    Steve, we've all had bad experiences of Customer Service and there are always going to be staff that really shouldn't be doing the job. However the people i work with are generally decent people trying to do an honest days work and to be refered to as 'Chimps' for probably doing a job that others look down on is pretty tedious. Customer Service Desk roles are one of the most challenging in most Retail outlets as you are exposed to lots of diffreent attitudes in a very short amount of time. To be expected to be on top of your game constantly is impossible and your right in that Staff are expected to treat the money they are responsible for almost as if its their own. Personally i have always done double the difference and will continue to whenever we have got it wrong, but there are always blatant fiddlers of the system and that is where we have to make sure the rules are followed. If we didn't then we are putting our jobs and our business at risk. The expectations customers have from people like Mary Portas are sadly impossible to achieve with business's with such a large footfall, unless our employers issue us all with some seriously strong Happy Pills..
  • Steve
    Im not saying its in all area's but atleast in my area All CS staff in Tesco's in my area are very stroppy The Asda ones are nice as pie Tesco Seem to aim for a certain type of staff that just grind my gears I have never had any staff in Asda give me lip It has happened at Tesco a few times and the duty manager's are no better
  • Pipster
    If you've received poor service from the store contact [email protected] or ring o800 505555 I'm certainly not aware of a recruitment policy specific to the CS dept! Having worked for both business's i've certainly not noticed any difference in cultures between them.
  • Skymarshall
    @ Pipster Brilliant.
  • fra
    I am the person who sent this to Bitterwallet, I did try to get some information from the staff in store but as it was almost midnight they were more interested in their usual activity of blocking off each end of the aisles with large containers of goods so they could get on with their overnight stocking. I also sent the e-mail to trading standards and got an e-mail from them saying they would take no action as they had checked Tesco's website and found the larger size at £2, they even sent me links, those links replicated the same error which was in-store. I pointed this out to trading standards, their reply was that as the smaller shelf cards were correct then the case wouldn't stand up in court, but they did agree to contact Tesco to take down the larger posters. Who knows just how many people have been conned by this as the shelves were pretty empty when I was shopping there. I don't know who I'm more annoyed about now, the Tesco conmen or the ineffectual Trading Standards Agency.
  • Pipster
    fra, with the greatest of respect, i take it that a business can't simply make a mistake then? I'm thinking its probably a case of someone from Buying Dept telling someone from the Marketing Dept and somehow the wrong size was put down... I work in a smaller Tesco and every we our promotional checklist list between 4 and 5 hundred promotions... i can guarantee 20 won't be right from day one and will take a week to sort. Its the crazy world of 'being human', something which seems to be lost in the world of some customers. Any interaction i've had from Trading standards would suggest smaller business's are more likely to break the law but equally because they are 'human'. That is why most firms have double the difference policies in place, to recognise that mistakes happen. I look forward to visiting your place of work and seeing how Nirvana is looking nowadays... Tesco as a company is far from Perfect, but then neither was Asda and don't even get me started on my time at Toys R Us..... Yours faithfully, just another chimp trying to earn an honest living...
  • klingelton
    Fucking hell... You're a customer fucking services rep in a fucking Tescos. Get over it. The point this fra was making was - he tried to contact the store to highlight that a mistake was made, where no action was taken. Then he tried trading standards, who were unwilling to force Tescos to pull the promotion. So now he's doing his duty and alerting people to the swindle. He's not trying to bring Tescos into disrepute, he's just highlighting the fact that the marketing department have made a fucking mistake. Finally, you've just proved with your ramblings what an argumentative twatcunt tescos customer services are by continuing this argument. Remember, you may win an argument on the internet, but you're still a retard. I will see you on the special bus on the morrow.
  • Pipster
    wow... nice reply klingleton, next time i try to create a sense of perpsective on a swindle/bait-and-switch i'll leave it alone.... yours truly, retarded bastard chimp twatcunt currently sitting waiting for my special bus p.s. i don't actually work on CS Dept because i don't think i could swallow that much abuse from people who see me as nothing more than the evil representative of a multinational company or retarded bastard chimp twatcunt special bus occupant... whichever you prefer... I do have a feeling that if they do seem a little less friendly than they should be to you that maybe, MAYBE its because they have met you before?
  • klingelton
    definately the latter. Made me chuckle. "retarded bastard chimp twatcunt special bus occupant" heh
  • Pipster
    Pleased we found your level ;)
  • klingelton
    Trust me, my level is much lower than that. I said chuckle, not full on side splitting laughter. Throw in something about midget pr0n and aids and we'll be close to the mark.
  • PaganWolf
    Dear Pipster, I was not being a downer on ALL Tesco staff, just the ones in my nearest shop. They are rude, borderline abusive, refuse to call senior staff when requested and have called me a liar to my face, which was never apologised for even when another staff member checked and admitted I was correct (and yes I have already complained to head office, nothing at all was done, but I did get sent a gift card). I have worked in customer service a long time, and I have yet to find anywhere as infuriating as them. My Asda are lovely too, they always have time for customers.
  • Elle
    I think it is hilarious that Trading Standards were called, just for this mistake. I think it is even funnier the way people have zero tolerance with simple mistakes from shops, but expect the utmost respect when being disrespectful to customer service staff (usually over a mistake they've made they then try to blame the shop for). I work in retail and at times customer service and people that do stuff like this are the absolute bane of my existence. If you have genuinely been wronged, I apologise, I am sympathetic, but if its an honest mistake, just point it out (not so late at night). I think it was unfair for you to point something out at midnight, come on, no one cares about ANYTHING you have to say at midnight. Nobody. Even when you think that someone might, they don't. So that is an unrealistic expectation. Maybe you should have just gone back in the morning, when people that would care were there. It isn't an excuse as such, however people make mistakes and I don't see how that concept is unreasonable. Maybe I just have a higher tolerance for certain things because I work in retail. *shrugs*
  • Super s.
    "All CS staff in Tesco’s in my area are very stroppy". They certainly try their best to be. Daughter takes back an iron, bought in Tesco that no longer works. CS ask for receipt. Haven't got one says daughter. CS say can't help. Daughter says, er yes you can, under Sale of Goods act I don't need a receipt for a faulty product. "Oh yes you do" says CS, "you could have bought that anywhere." Really says daughter, even with Tesco on the side of it? New iron provided soon after.
  • Bazinga
    Wow. I can't be bothered to read all that.

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