Oh yes! The bendy escalator is finally here!

Let’s face it – going shopping in a mall is a load of old borings isn’t it avid readers? You know, when compared to something like, say, locking yourself in a wooden cabin in the middle of nowhere and watching the whole of Twin Peaks on DVD instead.

The best part about mall shopping is invariably going on the escalators, and if you’ve got a toddler, then you’ve got cast-iron excuse for escalator-riding to make up about 85% of your activities.

Now the future is here, and with it, the opportunity to ramp those stats up to the high 90s – it’s the bendy escalator. It’s called the Levytator and it has been developed by London-based boffin Professor Jack Levy and yes he has named it after himself and why not eh?

The boring old straight-up-and-down escalator could soon be a thing of the past once these things become commonplace. The prof is looking for investors to help make it a reality although we're not sure how he'd get it up the stairs of the Den. But soon, the streets will be filled with these things and we won’t have to walk between bakeries any more...


  • Andrew R.
    That video looks like it's straight from... video tape. Sure this isn't an 80's fad that never made it?
  • PokeHerPete
    I hate archers, The Archers and Jeffrey Archer.
  • Fby
    Nordstroms in San francisco. Have had curved isolators for 20 years at least.
  • Noghar
    This is brilliant. Just think, if they installed these on London Underground, both the up and the down escalators would always be out of order at the same time. Progress Hooray!
  • Milky
    so, the clever bastard failed to realize that theres also a reason for 2 escalators.. NMamely servicing, so only one needs ever be out of action & is still useable as a stairwell or functioning whilst the other unit is serviced. cannot see beyond the end of his nose! twat, design not practical, but looks nice! ..well as long as it looks nice that's ok then!!!! muppet
  • phander
    The only thing 80s about this is the use of the word 'muppet'. Why so aggressive?
  • Mark C.
    That's quite nice to look at, but hardly ground-breaking technology. After all, they had a spiral escalator at Holloway Road tube station over a hundred years ago (okay, it didn't actually *work*, but then again, neither do most of LU's non-bendy ones).
  • Mienaikage
    Its a 3D sushi belt
  • issac h.
    Ah, progress. They put a man on the moon 40 years ago and now this. What exciting times we live in. :(
  • Mike
    Been on one in Yokohama!
  • Dodzi
    The Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has curved escalators, and some of the old hotels have the same thing, this is nothing new at all... Bitterwallet, this is disappointing...
  • Siobhan
    yeah, why not think big of this, not just the escalator, but the entire London Underground could be replaced with one of these? Just imagine an escalator step of one's own...
  • Siobhan
    Oh yeah, btw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVpaiQGmDCI I've been there. It was meh.
  • fat s.
    can they be made into the shape of boobs please.
  • Tim
    Did look like VHS to me. And yeah, Fby - thought I'd be on one before. That's the one.
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