Bend it, shape it, anyway you want it - DIY with Sugru

Sugru is like plasticine, except it contains Methyltris (methylethylketoxime) silane and Gamma-Aminopropyl Triethoxysilane and is a malleable, silicone based material that bonds to nearly any other material and begins to cure and harden after half an hour. So nothing much like plasticine at all. What the hell does all that mean, then? Well, you can use it to repair stuff, improve stuff or - essentially, hack stuff.

Bitterwallet - Sugru

It comes in five colours and costs £7 a pack (although they've already sold out of their first order) - and is something else to stick in that kitchen drawer that's full of crap along with the envelopes, unopened ball of string, coasters and expired prescriptions - except you might actually get some use out of this:


  • Nobby
    Like all new products available on the market, I have one basic question. What happens if you stick it up your ars?
  • DalesGay
    @Nobby, I guess you would have to drill open yourself a new asshole
  • deepz
    Use it to put into a lock and harden then use as a key just like in the Bond movies (except its not gum)
  • MrRobin
    Yes, deepz, that's exactly how locks work! This looks like it will be a great product! I'll be watching to see whether this takes off of not... could potentially see a 'dragon's den' type of investor getting involved very swiftly
  • Matt. S.
    prize for the first person to post a picture of their "hacked" dildo
  • MyusernameusedtobeaFerarri
    As a Dentist i see a lot of potential with this product.
  • In f.
    I'd hack the shit out of Jane!
  • Brian
    Brian here. This looks like a very useful invention.
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here again. This is a fake (spoof) advert, according to my stepfather who works as a care taker in the local Uni.
  • goon
    did anyone see anything useful being done in that shit video with plastacine. sticking plastacine to a shaver plug adaptor isn't hacking go talk to the a-team if you want real hqcking with guns and shit fuck i hate students
  • charitynjw
    I bought some, but all it did was glue my fingers together. I went back to the shop, but they wouldn't take it back 'cos the box was open'. I guess I'm stuck with it, then..............................

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