Belgian magazine advertisement is plane offensive

25 August 2009

There are some very clever, astute, genre-defining creative folk working in advertising, who lure you in to spend your pennies on mediocrity through an well-executed, award-winning idea.

And then there are the Belgians:



  • Fliesinteeth
  • Abdul a.
    not funny
  • Craig
    Nearly as good as Family Guy, Peter sees Lois watching the news footage of 911 and says "huh, must have been a woman pilot!"
  • Craig
    9/11 that is, not 911
  • TV's B.
    thats funny :)
  • mustafa
  • JudgeDread
    no its 11/9 not 9/11
  • Craig
    no its 11/9 not 9/11 I know, but that would just blow Americans minds, they'd be like "what happened on the 9th of November??"
  • The B.
    Too soon!!!!
  • Nobby
    What are the serious consequences of reading HUMO? Are you (1) distracted because it is so interesting or (2) turned into a jihadist? The advert is not clear.
  • Scotty
    Posted by Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi | August 25th, 2009 at 12:13 pm not funny AND THIS IS I SUPPOSE?? WHAT A MUPPET YOU ARE!
  • TV's B.
    Scotty: He was funny too.
  • Alice C.
    If you put 911 into wingdings it comes out with two towers and a plane.
  • Steve
    Bad move
  • Martin
    @Alice Cooper No you don't you get webcam folder folder....not quite such an exciting conspiracy theory but nevermind.
  • humo b.
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