Behold! The Lidl kilt

lidl kilt Och aye the noo! Hoots Mon! And other Scottish cliches, for Lidl are rolling out a range of kilts!

Yes, that's right, ahead of Burns Night which celebrates the birth of Scottish poet Robert Burns on 25 January, the cheery supermarket will offer up bargain tartan kilts, ‘leather’ sporrans, and ghillie shirts ahead of Burns Night as it looks to “help everyone celebrate in proper Scottish style”.


They're in store from January 15th across the chain's 610 stores and available in two separate tartans - although you'll probably have to read up on it - cost just £29.99, while a shirt is just under £12 and a leather sporran can be picked up for £10.

That's some fresh garms on the cheap there, which even we're tempted by - we've got the legs for one, apparently. We've always enjoyed having a bit of Scottish in us too.

Lidl's non-food buying manager Josie Stone said: “This fantastic range, at unbelievably low prices, will give everyone the chance to celebrate Burns Night in proper Scottish style, whilst showcasing Scotland’s proud heritage and traditions."

"Highland wear can often be unaffordable to many, costing hundreds of pounds, so it’s great to be able to offer an 8 Yard Kilt for under £30.”



  • Dionaeamuscipula
    Highland wear can cost many hundreds of pounds because the kilts are hand made from 16 oz wool. Viscose ready made kilts like these are readily available for way under £50. So I for one will be keeping my purse firmly in my sporran. As usual. DM
  • jt
    No mention of the kids' bagpipes?

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