Beef v pork - it's time for the public to decide

Screen Shot 2011-10-21 at 16.26.02 We’re all VERY aware of the current campaign to get us all to buy and consumer vast quantities of pork – it’s got us brainwashed here at Bitterwallet and we’re in thrall to slogans such as ‘Love pork’ and ‘Stand by your ham’.

But shit just got real as beef is getting in on the action. November will see a new pro-beef promotional campaign that they hope will touch the hearts and minds of every single British citizen.

But who is behind this full-on piece of marketing. Well, there’s the National Farmer’s Union, as you’d probably expect, and of course, Ladies in Beef. What’s that – you’ve never heard of Ladies in Beef? Seriously?

Well as it happens, it was launched in March 2011 by the Princess Royal and its purpose is to… erm… raise the profile of beef. In campaigns such as the one we’ve just mentioned (which will be fronted by former Oxo mum Linda Bellingham, who makes a controversial leap from gravy to meat).

Minette Batters, from Ladies in Beef, said: “We are proud to support this initiative as we’re passionate about British beef. Our aim is to share with people the quality and versatility of British beef by raising awareness through our countrywide network of dynamic lady beef ‘champions’. We hope that everyone helps support British farmers by buying locally whenever possible.”

Now here at Bitterwallet, we like beef, but we also like pork. But which is best – there’s only one way to find out – VOTE!!

Poll closes at midnight on Sunday. There is NO VEGETARIAN OPTION.


  • Zeddy
    [Minette Batters, from Ladies in Beef...] Hasn't she got a sister called Fanny?
  • Tom
    Wasn't Lady Gaga the first "Lady in Beef"? I vaguely remember a picture of her dressed in beef.
  • Phil
    Pork purely for the bacon! Mmmm - hungry for some bacon now....
  • Dick
    What is the issue? Beef and pork, on the same plate. In fact, in Alsace they go one better in their Baeckeoffe, and include lamb too.
  • Boris J.
    I believe that you can fit a whole pig inside a whole cow and roast the whole thing. You could get some suckling pigs inside the mummy pig too I'd expect. Literally mouth watering (not being sarcastic here). Leave out the lamb though - they're so cute and cuddly.
  • Gav
    I'm surprised no one's mentioned that pork can't be halal yet :p
  • Alexis
    Why is the cow smiling? Presumably it doesn't yet know it's about to get a bolt through the brain.
  • Caveman
    All flesh > Veg. Unless the veg is roasted in the fat of an animal.

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