Become the face of Vape!

mischa vape Are you the face of the Vape?

If so, Mischa Barton would like to meet you (probably, she's just in the campaign overdoing it with the long gloves mainly, her intellectual input is largely negligible on this occasion).

Vapestick are launching a campaign to find a 'Style Icon', to find the new face of the vape in future advertising.

Entrants have to strike their best Vapestick pose to be in with a chance of winning.

As well as being the face of Vapestick, the winner will be treated to the ultimate VIP experience, with a stay in a top London hotel, a shopping spree and model treatment ahead of their once-in-a-lifetime Style Icon photoshoot.

The Style Icons Tour is taking place at various events around the UK, which you can find here

Yes, you too could look as dead-eyed and unalluring as Mischa in what is a rather embarrassing advertising campaign while puffing on what looks like a jumbo biro!


  • Reser
    The face of "vape" , going to get misheard as Rape I am sure. who would want to be the face of rape?
  • dvdj10
    Rolf Harris?
  • Her L.
    If there's anything more pathetic than people trying to look cool by smoking, it's the "vapers" who stagger around supermarkets and along the High St toking on some sad fake cigarette contraption, puffing out fruit-smelling clouds like Thomas the Tank Engine running on an engine-full of forest fruits.

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