Because shopping with your kid can be a drag sometimes...

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  • Tom P.
    It might be her midget husband, who's temporarily lost the use of his limbs
  • veedubjai
    Form of child abuse? I say embarrass them in front of the Public when they grow up. That will teach them.
  • :|
    And the sad thing is, the tosser with the camera just stood there recording it instead of preventing child abuse. What a sad world we live in. :/
  • Matthew P.
    Tags: child, drag, lead, mother, store A combination of tags never to be matched.
  • goon
    good for her teach the little bastard a lesson i hate those soft as fuck pc namby pamby parents who lets their kids do anything; that is child abuse.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. I usually pay a female women £75 to pull me around the room with a dog lead.
  • jamespir
    hope she gets her kids taken off her
  • Kim
    jamespir - do you have kids?...I doubt it... I didnt see any sign or physical harm...hardly beating the living daylights out of the child was she!!... If the child was allowed to have a swift slap in public he/she might think twice about deciding to not walk and be dragged along....BUT what would happen if she did....the people with too much time on their hands would make comments and no doubt stick their unwanted beaky noses in...theres a huge difference between a "smack or slap" and "beating"....thanks to the rules and regulations about what you are and not allowed to do to children the country is now full of out-of-hand teenagers and other kids who have no respect for anyone of authority or other adults in the proud we must be??!!
  • Mike
    Children arent dogs, you can punish them later while at home, a nice hard punch in the stomach while noones watching works well.
  • The B.
    It all seems very reasonable to me, if I were her I'd go out of my way to find stairs and revolving doors, I bet the tantrummy little bastard gets back on his feet quick sharp then.
  • Marcus S.
    The total halfwit who just stands and there and records this child abuse is indicative of the sad society we live in. Instead of stopping this subhuman from doing that to her child, they just stand there and record it so they can put it on the net. What a world we live in. :/
  • verdilith
    You people think this is child abuse? You don't have a clue.
  • goon
    Marcus de Sade you are probably one of the first to moan about teenage yobs. they come from parents who don't do this. this kid will most likely grow up to be a good person, having learnt his lesson young you however sound like one of those politically correct morons who have no clue about real life
  • cheapskate
    @ Brian 'Hi, my name is Brian. I usually pay a FEMALE WOMEN £75 to pull me around the room with a dog lead.' Are their any other kinds of women - or females for that matter?
  • Brian
    @cheapskate "Are their any other kinds of women - or females for that matter?" You'd be surprised, sometimes i've paid my "fee" and the "female" has more than a big clitty down there.
  • Antique A.
    Brian, I pay £80 per hour for a masculine man to perform the same function. Sounds like you might be getting value for money!
  • Jack L.
    Gee whizz! The recession is hitting hard in the States, isn't it? Back in the good old days a kid like that would have been kitted out with a wheelchair.
  • Marcus S.
    lol at goon - "politically correct" - a term used by right wing inbred rednecks. Says it all about you really. Teenage Yobs? Kids playing on the street you mean? "Oh no, they are wearing hoods, I must be afraid!". Grow some balls.
  • Degeneratemoo
    I was never dragged around like that as a child. I'm not a yob or a thug. All of the people who say this isn't child abuse, I bet you wouldn't stand for it if someone came and dragged you through a store now, why should it be any different for children? This is just a perfect example of bad parenting.
  • Boris J.
    @Degeneratemoo - I doubt she harnessed a random child and dragged it round for a laugh. Common sense is that it was being difficult, throwing a tantrum and seeing how far it could push it's limits. It does not look like child abuse at all - it looks like an embarrassing and uncomfortable discipline. Not cruel or painful. The child chooses to lie there and makes no effort to get up. It becomes abusive when stairs are involved, or getting into a lift without pulling the child close enough. It is different for children as they are NOT equal to adults. They are learning about the world and testing it. Discipline is a form of social education. Also the logic that you were never dragged and didn't become a thug is shit along the lines of: tigers eat meat, I eat meat, therefore I am a tiger.

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