BBC's Rip Off Britain wants to hear from YOU

The BBC have been in touch with Bitterwallet via the secret Bitterwallet hotline, a phone that sits on Andy's desk. Here's a picture of it:

Bitterwallet - the red hotline

They want to let you know about a new series of Rip Off Britain coming up soon; we've told them about your dealings with Additions and ExclusiveEyes and their merry band of websites, but what have YOU got to say? Here's the official blurb:

Have you:
  • been ripped off?
  • been a victim of unfair or sharp practice?
  • paid for something that you feel was a total waste of money?
The BBC's 'Rip Off Britain' team are planning the new series and want to hear YOUR stories. Email [email protected] with details, or post your grievances to: Rip Off Britain, PO BOX 4360, Manchester, M61 0DY.
We want to expose the issues that matter most to you, the British public, and expose the rip off merchants.


  • PJH
    Have you: * been ripped off? * been a victim of unfair or sharp practice? * paid for something that you feel was a total waste of money? Does the license fee count?
  • Clear T.
    Maybe plug it in?
  • PaulH
    @PJH I see what you did there...
  • Alexis
    How's about NCP, Euro Car Parks, Parking Eye, Met, G24 and all the other scum private parking companies and their bogus unenforceable invoices, or 'tickets'.
  • dacouch
    I'd like them to reopen the investigation into Club La Costa which coincidently is promoted by the show's presenter Jenny Bond. They started an investigation but oddly dropped it, I cannot think why...
  • Paul C.
    The only rip-off I'd like to see is Jenny Bond's rubbery hag face. What a joke - they should definitely continue the investigation into Club La Costa - regardless.
  • having t.
    I'd like them to investigate Vodafone's no longer unlimited contracts and the introduction of capping without informing the vast majority of their customers. Fuckers!
  • Spark
    Yes I want to complain about the license fee, will they cover that?
  • Spark
    And the Manchester Metrolink for it's frankly fucking disgusting levels of extortion.
  • PaulH
    @Spark Up yours!
  • David
    I'd like to complain about being ripped off every month by the TV Licensing thieves who insist I pay for a TV License even though I don't watch BBC channels and get everything through SKY. I don't even have a TV aerial. Do you think they'll look into it for me?
  • Marky M.
    @ David. Have you considered not paying? The licence fee has little to do with funding the BBC. It's a TAX, collected by TV Licensing on behalf of HM Government who then decide how much to pass on, and trouser the rest. Their "enforcement officers" are salesmen on commission and have NO legal right of entry. If they call, ignore them. If you live in a dog-rough estate in some shithole like Oldham or London they probably won't have the cojones to come round anyway. Applying to the police for a warrant is time-consuming and doing paperwork makes them no commission, so after a few nasty letters they'll just go off and pick on somebody easier.
  • Codify
    Bitterwallet has not posted the chicken-in-a-can story for at least two months now. Who can I complain to?
  • LD
    Their “enforcement officers” are salesmen on commission and have NO legal right of entry. If they call, ignore them Yup on £25-a-pop commission. Up the Revolution, Up the Resistance! BBC Income +£3,493.8 million in licence fees collected from householders; +£775.9 million from BBC Commercial Businesses; +£294.6 million from government grants; +£41.1 million from other income, such as providing content to overseas broadcasters and concert ticket sales; (2008–2009 Annual Report)
  • Stu
  • I i.
    ASDA Store closes 2000 hrs, the same time multistory car park charges cease. At 1837 put £ 1 and 50 p coins in machine (quoted £1 per hour) figuring this covered the charge to 2000. Ticket spewed from machine, said only valid to 1937. 50 p didn't come back. Was not clear if you had to pay 2 x £1 in this instance for short of 2 hours... which would have been £1 for the remaining 23 minutes !! What a cheat ! Therefore grossly overcharged by 33.3%. Parking not owned by Asda but administered by Town and Country Parking Ltd. a private rip off merchant. Drove off immediately afraid of the chance of clamping, which is more of a *** nuisance than the easier route of ignoring written tickets or the usual accelerating threats of fines from this or companies like them. Have asked for the whole £1.50 back on principal but I don't hold my breath.
  • Lisa
    That's a great initiative by Bitterwallet and the BBC. But what about government ogranisations, HMRC, NHS, Royal Mail and similar, treating people like crap and not providing services that we have paid for? Or not allowing us to complain? Or ripping us off with unfair charges and crap, crap service?
  • Timothy
    Please investigate Club la costa, Having ripped us on one occasion and coldly wriggled their way out of it, they had the cheek to offer us another presentation with of course this "You are not obliged to buy anything what so ever " a paragraph later we had "I do need to take a £50 in total security deposit by debit or credit card" Guess if we'd ever get that back! If your not obliged to buy anything then that's where it ends, no deposits or securities can be asked for. I know you can always say no, but these people as quoted above are dishonest and also relentless. I feel an official body should be closing these people down. If I was getting as many complaints as they are I wouldn't sleep at night, the fact that they do sleep & continue to rip people off indicates that they have lost any sensitivity about right and wrong ie. not fit to be in business.
    Im sick of well known fuel sevice garages ripping me off for sundries like fags which they put around 50 pence mark up on. As well as charging for air and water. What next, a bloody charge for driving on their forecourts? Airports, Another set of ripoff merchants. From the moment you walk in you are at their mercy. Its a bloody free for all just like motorway services. Why the hell are places like these,( especailly motorway services) packed with bloody sheep paying for this overinflated shite
  • Edwina L.
    My father recently passed away and I would like to see his medical records so that I can take any necessary steps towards my own health. I was outraged when I phoned the BSC Oldway Centre, 36 Orchard Street, Swansea and asked to se my dad's records to be told it would cost me £50!!! The man told me that they don't belong to my dad. At such a sensitive tiem this is the last thing I wanted to pay pay! Rip off Britain is the right name for this country.
  • not h.
    The biggest problem in this country is that the general public puts up with the gov't taking everything from them without a sqawk instead of overthrowing it and starting over..
  • Derek T.
    Hi could the program investigate the council tax and is it that Westminster only pays £459.00 band A and Band H only £1376.00 In Oldham I pay £1027.00 band A and £3356 band H average earnings in Oldham is £20,000 if your are lucky. In London its £60,000 accoriding to the Times. It seems very strange that the MPs who have second homes in London the city bankers who live in the affluent areas Kensington and Chelsea pay half the council tax that the people of Oldham and greater Manchester pay. I remember that all mayjor political parties said that they want to make a fairer tax systems or has Mr V Cable said about the students fees his promises are not binding. I can provide all the C/Tax tables where the facts of how we have been riped off for the past 15 years. With regards Derek Thompson I hope you programm will investigate this matter further..
  • Bobby
    Have you been sold a caravan by PARK RESORTS and been ripped off, if you have please write in to Rip Off Britain. I hope this can be investigated.
  • Banking I.
    I wonder if they'll have the balls to tackle one of the biggest bunch of rippers-off there are: THE BANKS! But then, the banks had the last government in their pockets (look how the bank charges court-case was suddenly overturned at the last moment), so they can probably gag the BBC as well!
  • Peter W.
    I have been a member of the AA all my working life through the firm and 6 years since retiring and have had insurance policy too cover cost of repairs to my cartoo the tune of £500 each time 6 times a year. I finally had to make a claim when my car broke down 2 weeks ago and they just refused to pay and have left me with a dangerous car------I can forward you all the details if you are prepared to investigate this obvious fraud. Pewter wilkes
  • John
    TV licence, What a con, scam, demanding money with menaces, rip off. There is so much better TV on sky and if you want it you pay for it unlike being forces to pay for a licence. Yes if you want BBC then pay for it as a subscription and i personally do not want BBC, but forces to pay the licence. In 2009 and 2010 the UK was voted the worse country in the EU and part of the reason of this was due to rip off's like the licence. I lived in America for 2 years and no licence there in the "land of the free" unlike the UK and normal TV was junk, but i chose to pay for cable and had a good tv service. If today i started a new TV station and made ALL the people in the UK pay for me to run a service i bet you all would not be happy, but the BBC does this and it does not help make peoples life any better of people on low income, unemployed , single parents and so on ..... so now in the UK people can be in debt just for having to have a licence. I want out of the UK again as it is a rip off! not only things shown on the web page here but also the licence con
  • john
    Look at the top of this page where is has... Have you: been ripped off? ( YES BY A TV LICENCE ) been a victim of unfair or sharp practice? paid for something that you feel was a total waste of money? ( YES THE BBC IS A WASTE )
  • Mr A.
    There are ways to mess up the detection equipment used by the SCUM Uses a local oscillation to make a frequency that will .... well cause a problem to detection equipment... i can not say more as i dare say its illegal under the wireless act 1949 but then the "gadget" will halp as a rip off protector from detector vans / hand held devices.. BBC new URL is WWW.BBC.CON
  • j
    demanding money with menaces, con, rips off...... AND THATS JUST A TV LICENCE People find it had to live with the cost of things going up yet forced to buy a licence. if you want BBC then pay for it! Like Sky TV, if you want you pay.. So why force people to pay for a thing they do not want ?
  • HATE
  • Patricia B.
    the Falstaff Hotel ( Leamington spa ) rip me off Matt Thomas General manager I booked in that Hotel for one night around midnight on 9th setember 2010 , I was informed that the cost was £ 50 wish I duly paid by entering £ 50 and my pin code in the hand machine somehow they managed to extract a further £ 100 from my account without my knowledge or consent and the receipt says customer not present on leaving the hotel the following morning I was told there were extra charges because I was smoking and cause a disturbance . I have asthma and I have never smoked in my life and did not disturb anyone also I went to my bank Barclays straight away on the 10th september to dispute on a unorthorised transaction and on the 5th november recieve final letter saying they can not do anything the hotel website contains many negative comments from customers what should I do ?
  • TJ
  • k p.
    march this year i bought a new car.from a well known garage.the salesperson asked if i wanted gap insurance.yes i much would it cost.£200.he said.when i got home iwent on line.i contacted gap insurance.and they quoted me.for the same cover.£99.i then phoned the garage and spoked to the owner.and asked why the difference of a£100.his answer was overheads.i would like to warn other buyers of this RIP OFF.
  • sheila
  • Michael T.
    Rip off Britain be damned Free-market exploitation more like, and we are all at it, not just top top. From buying a house, to buying shares in a utility, we are all exploiting each other. The title of the programme should be renaimed. Free market Britain. And I wonder how much money the three lady's are getting presenting this programme which is basically the Thatcher agenda revamped to populaist appeal ?
  • Imran
    I have been ripped off by a very well known website known as '' i paid for a TV from that site money was taken out of my a/c and i never recieved the item! Now the website does not exist and i cant even get a refund from 'paypal' who serviced the transacton.
  • terry
    I "lost" my internet on my pc back in October 2010, As a complete novice with computers, I tried (many times) to contact Virgin Media via email from the library, and phone, They completely ignored me. After 3 weeks, I cancelled my direct debit, which still had until November, to run. They wrote to me and said "you cant do that!) They now expect me to pay in full plus extras, as I had cancelled. I phoned their "customer services"?. and they would NOT listen to my side of the problem. Now they are threatening me with Bailiffs. How can they get away with this? Ignorant Bastards!
  • alex
    I brought a car from a well known car showroom carcraft after three weeks the car had problems starting and the exhurst fell of while driving down a busy duel carriage way could of caused a accident.Phoned them to collect the car because it was under 2 years parts and labour garenteen they said no because the car still runs i told them no because if anything else happens to it i would be liable for the damage i sent a letter stating my rights as trading standards told me to.2 days later they came to collect the car and i refuse to have it back in another 3 weeks what else is going to fall of it.I later found out i was paying an extra 3000 pound on top of the book price .
  • derek b.
    I wish for an investigation into Traditional Funds of Dublin Eire from whom i purchased shares in Fresnillo but the certificate did not arrive nor the dividend and when I rang 56 times to sell them none was available and did not ring me back
  • Karen M.
    I was approached by a company claiming I could get my credit card debts wiped out if there were breaches in my agreements with the 2 card companies. I got emails saying yes I had breaches and they advised me to stop paying which i did. I paid over £2,600 for this and was told if my agreements were not unenforeable I wouold get my money back. Well cutting a long story short it is a pack of lies and the company has dissapeared with my money and now the credit card company is haggling about refunding me the charges as it was a fraud. What is disturbing was that this compnay was supported by The Ministry of Justice a government agency and I had to call and call them until at last they have disassociated themselve from them.
  • eilish h.
    Hi Have any of the general public been ripped-off by a company called Privacy Guard this is being sold by Argos. I have a complaint with thw Financal Ombudsman.
  • Sheila B.
    I have used approximately 8 different Legal Professionals for a case i am currently dealing with. it has not been brought to court as yet. All of these individuals have extracted a large amount of money from me without adequate or no results. Most misled me into thinking they were experts in a particular field but werent. They lead me into a complete false sense of security. One even charged me 500 pounds on account after leading me to believe the consultation was free. She had the audaciy to send me a bill thereafter for another 400 pounds saying she was doing me a favour charging me so little. I have refused to pay that extra amount and have reported her and her company. I have not heard anything from the Law Society as yet about my complaint. My story goes on and on. I think am am not by any means alone with these tales of legal woe. They cause so many innocent unsuspecting people misery, even sometimes causing ill health. What i fail to understand is why people are afraid to speak out about them! In Denmark if anyone has any legal complaints the wrongdoers are publically humiliated in the national papers if found guily of misconduct. We are a Nation of yellow bellies and Non-commiters. At least we ousted the dodgy politicians so why cant we do that to the Legal bloodsuckers.
  • David B.
    I bought a Kitchen from HOMEBASE in November 2009. I was in the process of checking all the items delivered when I discovered that the quality of the units was so poor that I was not prepared to install the kitchen. I made a complaint to the store who arranged for me to receive 7 new units from their suppliers, when these arrived two of the boxes were broken and the quality of the units was at the same low level as the ones I already had. The drill holes in the side of the cabinets were all chipped and one unit I put together had lumps in the melamine where it had been put onto dirty board. The chip board sides crushed when I tried to tighten one of the fixings.The original price of the kitchen was £18000 and with a 50% offer and a 15% discount voucher I thought I was going to get a bargain. My complaints were consistently ignored and I was lied to on a regular basis from the store level and finally all the way up to the office of the Managing Director of the Home Retail Group (owners of Argos and Homebase). The only time I have managed to get anything like a reasonable reply was when i employed a solicitor to repeat everything I had done and send all of the complaint information on their headed paper and start the process of taking court action.. After a year with a half of a 1970's kitchen and a dining room full of kitchen units I have been offered a refund and a small amount of compensation for the inconvenience. Is there actually any way that we the public can get justice with the Sale of Goods Act if the retailer refuses to talk to the customer? My experience with Trading Standards is not good and the suggestion that I could claim the money back from my credit cards is also a fallacy, the banks said because the problem was over quality the retailer would have to deal with the complaint!.
  • john
    watching the prog (rip off britain) on bbc 1 this morning, i would like to add that some hospitals will refund parking charges, if you produce benefit form (i.e income support letter.) and they will also pay your petrol fare.
  • William S.
    I have a 999 years leasehold and pay ground rent of £4. a year....I have check on the Lands Tribuanal web site and the purchase price /value is c£40.......However if i want to purchase the leasehold the surveyors to whom i pay the ground want £250 to value it ( a value well known to them so no effort involed.) ...Additionally i have to pay their conveyancing costs to register the change from leasehold to free hold and i have to pay my own cost to re-register my property from leasehold to freehold a further cost of C£500... So a total cost of £790 pound to purchase something worth £40.......Why bother next door neighbour wanted to build a porch so he had ask for permission to do so..he was charged £169, then he built a conservatory and was charged £189......This is extortianate when the value of the ground rent is £40........The answer to the problem is when a lease is for 999 years and is for a sum of less than £15 a year..then the owners of the leasehold should have aright to collect the ground rent for a future period of 10 years only..thus getting the value of the ground rent ..and no one would have to pay for all the professional costs involved in purchasing the leasehold.
  • J F.
    in this bad weather I would like someone to look into De-icer for cars they should to work up to minus 15degrees. I can use a half a tin at £1.20 a tin & it might be minus 3degrees but it freezes over straight away. Also the anti-freeze you put in for your screen wash that is often frozen dispite putting it in at 3x the strength. 30 years ago these product seemed to work but now they seem to be watered down.
  • Mrs E.
    I would like to tell you about being ripped off by the RAC motoring organisation - we puchaed a new car in September and as usual the car company only deal with the AA - we have come across this before and what we have done is to phone the RAC and ask them to hold our payment until the AA finished and then we can continue with the RAC - we were told this time that the RAC no longer do this - they have refused to refund us our money that we have paid but also will let us be covered if in another persons car - we don't need that, we just want our money back - we have now decided not to deal with thr RAC anymore but would like to know if there is anything we can do to get our money back - THIS IS TRULY BEING RIPPED OFF Please help us if you can with thanks
  • Ms P.
    I have been trying to get my teenage son car insurance, i am a single parent so can't help financially, the cheapest prices we have been quoted is £5,747.60. We can not afford this, but isn't it no wonder that so many young people are driving around without insurance. To me it would make more sense to give affordable insurance, then should they have an accident make them pay a high price, but not to penalise young drivers before they start. This is being ripped off in anyone's eyes surly. Is there anything we can do. Thank you
  • A
    I am just watching as i type. There is a man claiming to give people advice on how ot to get ripped off with parking charges. He said on more than one ocassion ' or a fixed penelty notice will be issued'. The advice should be, if you are really stoping people from being ripped of,should be explaining the lawful meaning of a penelty notice ie It is a notice,take note then bin it,do not enter into a contract with these rip off money making businesses,that includes any council or government notices. Teach people about the law.
  • nicolas c.
    I think that I am beeing ripped off every time I use my phone. Firstly I think that the land line charge of £11.95 is unnecesary because BT (previouly known as the Post Office) had to charge to supply a line as there were no services then. I am sure that since then the telephone exchanges and the lines have been installed and paid using taxpayers money. We are still paying for renting the la line. Why dont we have a simple sytem where an initial fair charge is made for providing the line and charge a slightly higher cost per call? And by the way what do the ambigeous words 'georaphical charges will apply' mean? If I ring someone in Manchester from London why is the charge higher if I rang someone localy? Does BT perhaps employ someone to shout my converstation between Manchester and London? One other item I would like to bring to attention is the unfair pricing of gas. British Gas charges us by the energy content of the gas they supply. To expalin this a little better, they take the volume of gas used (by reading the gas meter) and then conver this to energy used in kilo Watts, or convert the Therm (if you remember those) to kWatts.The convertion equasion is shown at the back of their bill and it is complicated. BG buy the gas in cubic meters but we pay in kWatts. Do you not think that unless there is a profit for BG they would have us pay the gas used in cubic meters. Think of the saving they will make by not employing mathematicians to work out their bill. Thank you for listening
  • Gayle B.
    LITTLEWOODS CATALOGUE!!! Those horrible people who phone you whilst eating your tea trying to sell you insurance and other menial things.BEWARE! A guy from Littlewoods call centre phoned me on Dec 10th 2010 asking if i wanted insurance on a wii (for a family member) he initially said the three year cover would cost £66! I refused,but then he offered me it at £60,i refused again but he then said he could do it at a 'one off price of £42! I phoned my family member and she agreed to take out the insurance. BUT last week i received a bill for £99! I phoned Littlewoods to cancel the cover and they DENIED their call centre staff would ever do this and they basically called me a LIAR! I am not a happy customer and am dsigusted with their attitude. (Christmas bonus for the staff me thinks? then denial after the New Year) IT STINKS! Check your bills folks!
  • stuart h.
    The AA seem to think that it is acceptable policy to increase your annual subscription without notification. Surely, taking extra money out of your account without permission is akin to theft. Many people don't even notice because they don't check their statments thoroughly. Bizarrley, if you call them they will reduce the price back to the original agreement without arguement ! This should surely not be allowed.
  • Rich M.
    I watched this programme and was amused by the story of the man who was struggling with the internet connection through Talk Talk, and they ended up sending 8 wireless routers to him. The programme was not very clear as to whether his problem had ever been resolved, as he said the router did not fix the problem, but then the Communications Director from Talk Talk said they had resolved it. In many cases, the issue with broadband connection issues with Talk Talk is the quality of their broadband filters - I started selling another version of these some years ago when I too had problems with the broadband connection. Since then I have sold 100s, mainly to Talk Talk / Tiscali customers who have seen various faults: - Phone line does not ring when someone calls you - Broadband keeps failing - Low Broadband speeds - Noise on the line One customer was even sent 10 lots of filters by TalkTalk and told to go to 3 different carphone warehouse shops to get different equipment to try, none of which worked! I did write to Talk Talk some years ago and suggest they look to replace their supplier of the filters, but still customers come my way - I doubt the company will ever learn.
  • Arnand K.
    One of the worst aspects of life in the UK is trying to get a car. This is made worse by the fact that I am 17, which means that keeping a car running will cost me an arm and a leg. The most expensive part of this is insuring the car. Despite the fact that the price that insurance companies charge does not go against an law or regulation-I consider it to be a consequence of corporate greed. I understand that statistics show that teenage drivers are mosre likeley to have accidents-however I consider it wrong to penalise good drivers becuse of a few bad drivers-in what is clearly an ageist strategy carried out by insurance companies, who are in fear of losing money-instead of ensuring their costomers are satisfied. Just beause someone is young-it does not mean that they should be treated as though thay are a danger to other people-which is the case for young drivers. In a recent quote I discovered my cheapest option to insure my car to be over £3200 per year. Somehow I fail to see how this is a legitimate price to ask of a 17 year old, who also has to pay, car tax, road tax, fuel, maintenance as well as the initial purchase of the car. I hope I am not the only one who sees this point of view, and who is prepared to challenge the corporate greed and ageism that controls modern insurance companies.
  • One t.
    Massive price increase on memberships from FitnessFirst across the country in December!!! Some without 1 months notice. Sending letters to arrive in December but dated November, so having to pay Januarys 1 months notice, therefore at least paying 1 months increased price!! Membership dues increased by up to 30% as published in the Sun. Signing a 12 month CONTRACT and getting a price hike within 6 months, then not being able to cancel?!! Credit Control company CARS?? Acting on behalf of Fitness First writing threatening letters with court proceedings even though never having credit checks????? THE WORLDS LARGEST HEALTH CLUB?? YES.. Happy members??? Dont know.
  • rebecca c.
    i went out on a meal a meal with my 2 children and they would not let my little baby have a plate of sausages but i paid and the forgot so he had to have a tuna butty at home
  • James P.
    Oh Dear Lets Start,My Rip off Britain Lets Take Mubarak a man who has been allowed to rip of billions of dollars from his people but disappointed at not been given more time to hide his ill gotten gains,am sure the banks have helped him to distribute as much of that money as they are able, am sure his henchmen are a little concerned also but as we know is the done thing in this age. Here within the UK we have that gift of ripping people of whether it be the banks, politicians or the ice cream man. We see the same old stories of rip offs, BT, Tescoes, Gas, Electricity, cowboy builders and a few others but always the same. Young women having kids to get away from their miserable homes all down to the greedy political society that we live in, most of them cannot afford to take those kids out for a day to the sea side, I took my little girl to a play shack the other day and realised that the drink that I had purchased for her was approx 100ml in volume made up of water with a little juice thrown in, to have purchased 1 litre of this rubbish would have cost me £12-00 hmm. Make a complaint to the ombudsman is a total wast of time, government rip off, apply to the court for anything related to your business home or family breakdown is a nightmare but profitable for the courts only and prolonged if possible, keeps the greedy solicitors and barristers with fat pockets. Every TV program particularly political questions carefully vetted and those invited to participate carefully selected, good indoctrination is important and yes most people believe what they hear They increase university fees, good god how thick as anyone got to be to realise that it has nothing to do with cut backs, is to enable more people from wealthy backgrounds particularly those from abroad to be given more places and let the (Pardon the language as I need to swear a little)Poor fuckers go to hell and find a job in Tescoes, If you take a walk around Durham City all the students are frigging Chinese with a few white kids thrown in,what the fuck do we want to be educating them for, got to make as many universities private to fill the directors pockets, let the poor underprivileged whites get out and do some charity work and make a little extra cash for the organisers. Amazing, if you can convince a young man to go to Afghanistan and get his brains blown out it must be childes play to indoctrinate the public into believing the moon is made of cheese, we need more meals on wheels to get the older generation to stay indoors, get fat and die a little quicker, give them nice healthy food like a cheeseburger and a load of fries with a little luck they might choke, save the tax man a lot of dosh, now we want to charge them more to bury or cremate them, this will be another worry for them, the thought of the extra burden will most likely have them croak a little quicker, good thinking. Come to think of it, voted for that little shit Tony Blair, another money grabbing son of a bitch, how the hell we put up with these people I do not know including the dip sticks presently running the country, they say Jesus bled on the cross, boy have this government learned a lot from him, I feel like a lemon about to get squeezed, should I say a bit at a time as to make it as painful as possible. The Chinese must be laughing through their teeth, we have sold of mostly everything or should I say the greedy buggers at the top to line their own pockets,, Shipyards,Steelworks and the list goes on, landowners in this country are all bloody rich with their freezers full to the brim, and boy have I met a few, one particular landowner informed me that he has had had so much government money thrown at him he was lost at what to do, another informed me and he was a tenant farmer that if he was to leave his fields in set aside and just concentrated on cutting his hedges he would still receive a £130,000 a year, not bad for doing fuck all, another informed me that money was coming out of the ears of those with milk quotes, we know who to rip of don't we he he. Went to Tescoes the other day and noticed that most of the fish displaced on the fish counter was the same fish that was there a week ago, must be for display purposes, they must think we are all dummies. Half the population is going to the doctors with stress related illnesses, wonder why? God now we are going to sell of the National Health Service, ho ho ho, be interesting, is there anything left?. So how do we bring those rip of bastards to justice, I would round them all up and make sure that they all spent a long time in jail, sooner the better.
  • Robin B.
    What a bunch of winghers. Five star idiots that get themselves caught out by scams, money lenders, debt collectors, poor services, etc etc The rules are life are simple. Don't borrow save up for it. dont spend it if you can't afford it. Realise that nothing and I mean nothing is free. Work at any job even the crap ones and all bloody hours if need be. You'll get there. turn the telly off and grow some food of your own, trade with other like minded souls. Before anyone thinks i've had a priveledged life forget it. All i've done is digging shovelling building work. The difference is I've done 7 days a week to make ends meet for forty years. And nights when needed to. The result a paid for house all though only small, A Harley to play with, a boat for fishing, a caravan to get away with. This after a divorce costing £100,000 I'm a pig headed stubburn bastard. who knows how to shop {mercenary in supermarkets} turn off the lights don't waste ANY food, electric, or water. Acar that ticks all the economic boxes. TAX INS FUEL ECOMONY all the best rates. So pull yourselves together, turn of the telly get out and dig for britain {again} The only thing that hacks me off is keeping the rest of the country in benifits to keep them out of work. very little of this existed in my youth. Another golden rule is if you don't like paying for it go without. ie: Telly licence if you feel stongley about paying for it don't have the telly. The price of a stamp. don't send the letter. the price of electric don't have it on but above all don't expect me to support you.
  • lloyd t.
    i think pepole are being ripped off with there caravans they bye in porthcawl south wales we had 2 vans there but you by a van and they say you can keep it on for 12 years after paying 22000 pounds for it then u have to by another one but they will bye it back off you for about 6000 pounds then sell it again for 17ooo pounds and put it back on site this is not right how are they able to get away with it you can only keep it 12 years and they say to old then they have to go off site but they are selling the vans to other pepole and keeping them on the same site please this should b looked at they make about 11ooo pounds the sec time they sell them pluss what they made the first tims yours L M Turnbull
  • james
    fuel prices in this country are an absolute discrace and the british public need to stand up to the people who keep putting the prices up, but we all just keep rolling over and accepting it well i for one will not accept it much longer, get it sorted cameron!!
  • willie d.
    Recent quote from BRITISH GAS for replacement boiler from£1995,3 mtrs 22mm copper pipe £61 61p locally sourced£7 50p!!! Carry old boiler out to van£42 51p Take old boiler off wall and replace with new one (gas water and electrics allready in situ ) £860 00p these are just a few anomalies FINAL total £3000 71 pounds after a bit of discussion took £300 off age related IS IT ANY WONDER "B G" MAKE MEGA PROFITS ??? we were sucked in by the large print £1995 luckily we had time to consider and rejected the quote WILLIE D
  • willie w.
    Oh Yes I Forgot to mention The Actual Cost of the boiler a worcester bosh 24i £659 41. and a vertical flue terminal £237 40 plus an interal condensate conection£77 11 boiler conection and tests£162 00 to install condenstate pump a ferther£179 51 and a flue pipe extention £376 10 and finally a pitched roof verdical flashing kit at £182 64 And no we havent got a mansion its just a small terraced House I think Even the Goverment Is getting Ripped off With the warm front grants a complete centrol heating radiators as well should not come to more than£3,071.92 not just a one in and one out boiler WILLIE D.
  • rhaswell
    I hired a car on the internet on the 24/11/2010 , £670 was taken from my account on this day as a refundable deposit for insurance and fuel. The car was picked up on 7/12/2010 and returned on the 14/12/2010 in good condition and with a full fuel tank. I have phoned this company on over 20 times and each time have been promised that this money would be returned, I have also written with a registered letter with no response .Ialso contacted the police in St Leonards on Sea and have a no. This company are just ignoring me. The company is CAR-HIRE-UK.COM part of Elsinore Garage and Company Limited, Customer Services Dep 301.-PO BOX 260, TN38 1GR .Vehicle Repair Centre, Elsinore garage, 4 Ellenslea Road, St Leonards on Sea-East Sussex TN 37 6HX. CUK 10a Royal Parade, Chislehurst, Kent, BR7 6NR.Phone no 08709222839. I just hope you can get a better result in getting this company to return my money.
  • Harry
    Hi travelled from stansted airport early april . had my hand 10kg of hand luggage when to security to find about 10 people standing arround doing nothing, they ask me to empty my bag i had a A4 seethrough bag with some cream tooth paste and shaver ,they told me my bag was to big in size and i would have to pay a pound or they would through away my stuff , i was shocked they didnt say when i went through or when i booked my ticket , i said to the girl its a rip off she agreed but she was only doing her job from entering the airport if you not sure what your bag waits its more money i wont travel from stansted again its the worst airport i have every travveled from i will stick to british airways its much cheeper, the time you pay for your flight ticket bus and trains to get you there ,rip off when your there good bye stansted.
  • Balbina P.
    Oh my word!!! If you think Britain is a rip off just come and live in France. Prices are astronomical; there's absolutely no customer service and warranties mean nothing. You don't get a refund - you get a credit note which lasts for 1-2 months so you have no choice but to buy rubbish from a shop you're not happy with. And talking about rubbish, the quality of goods here leaves a lot to be desired and there's very little choice. Everyone is out to get your money for inferior goods, inferior workmanship, you name it! Why anyone would think France is the place to be is beyond me. I'd give my right arm to return to the UK even with all it's faults.
  • Paul T.
    As rhaswell wrote concerning (CUK) CAR-HIRE-UK ON 13th April 2011 1:56 pm I too have suffered the same way in that the above business is offering nothing but lies & Efuscation regarding the return of the sum of 670 GBP. I have email saying that the sum had been returned 28th April but when challenged about absent sum they suggested that their merchant bank had probably made an error in transfer thro. wrong digit. (finger trouble). Given up talking to them as I suspected long ago that they were giving me the run around. I have dates & email to back up complaint. They need the smile wiping off their faces.
    OVERSEAS AID v STOLEN PENSION FUNDS Has the present government gone completely insane, why are they being allowed to continue giving overseas aid and using hard earned tax payer’s savings investments angers me beyond belief! My drawdown pension salary has just been halved, YES HALVED WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT! Because of this governments decision to instruct the Inland Revenue in April this year to review all personal pensions my lifestyle has been turned upside down. THIS MONEY IS BEING TAKEN FROM ME AND THOUSANDS OF OTHER PEOPLE TO GIVE TO OTHER COUNTRIES!! 12 BILLION BY 2014!! Never mind our ressession,rising prices and reduced services, lets help others!! The loss of my pension payment is now causing me and my family hardship, what about that Mr Cameron What about the promise of having the benefits of a personal pension during retirement There isn’t one, Our pension plans are being used as a spare cash register for the government of the day with no thought or regard for its owner. Brittania,our country, lies beaten and bleeding and our leaders are giving the bandages plasters and cure for our ills away and we are letting them do it! WE NEED TO MAKE THOSE RESPONSIBLE EXPLAIN,DO THEY LEGALLY HAVE THE RIGHT TO STEAL OUR MONEY,WHO DECIDED HOW MUCH TO TAKE,WHO DECIDED WHEN IT WAS TO BE TAKEN,WHEN WILL IT BE GIVEN BACK!! IT HAS TO BE ILLEGAL,PLEASE HELP ME STOP THIS FURTHER EROSION OF OUR BRITISH LIFESTYLE Our money is going out of the Country when we need it most- FOR GODS SAKE CAMERON, STOP,STOP,STOP ……..AND COME TO YOUR SENSES!!
  • M L.
    Like rhaswell and Paul Topham, I am still waiting for £670 deposit to be returned from Car Hire UK Com, 7 weeks after returning the vehicle fully fuelled and undamaged. I keep phoning them and they keep telling me that the money will be returned but it never is. The other day when I told them who I was, they put me on hold, then man came on the line and aggressively told me that they were looking into it and slammed the phone down. The internet seems to be riddled with the name Car Hire UK Com and unreturned deposits. Why are this company allowed to keep doing this without the relevant authorities intervening?
  • P H.
    Like the blokes above I too have been ripped off by they owe me £1100 from March.
  • Reg S.
    well I've been reading most of what's been said about being ripped off and agree with what's been said and I've been and still am a victim of rip off's. People Knocking on the door and selling Double Glazing, Estate Agents,and Cowboy Builders, Banks) mainly LLoyds TSB,Insurance companies, the Government (mainly Gordon Brown). It makes me very disgusted at the way I've been treated. I've worked hard all my life, I suffer from diabetes, bronchiastasis,tinnitus and deafness,an under-active thyriod gland(which I feel is through misdiagnosis). And when reading about how M.P.'s make expense claims it makes me really angry, I had to travel at least 24 miles a day to 5-6 days a week. I had to pay at least £12 a week to do that, that worked out at £440 per annum travelling expenses which came out of my wages. These baffoons in Government get the taxpayer to to pay their way which is all wrong, it should come out of what they get, not us. The other day I had a visitor from the hospital asking me questions about my depression I told this person about how I got a letter from my insurance company after complaining about the payout of my private pension,(which I've not received yet), telling me how much I'd get if I died before receiving, and I said what good is that if I'm dead? I often think of a song I heard sometime ago "Send in the Clowns, Don't Bother,They're Here." Well sometimes I could laugh until I cry, and I often weep much too, because of it all, I also said to this person "I must have MUG invisibly written on my forehead that only CON ARTIST'S can see."
  • C T.
    Oh boy, have I got a story for you......Rip off Britain, I think the BBC needs to look at their selves first, with all the repeats we keep getting week after week, would they like it if we the public put on our Licence.....repeat and didn't pay for it, get a grip BBC and stop all these repeats....please
  • Don M.
    Reading through above comments and having done some more Googling in the last 24 hours, there seems to be some serial behaviour being committed by Car Hire UK. I picked up a car at Heathrow on 1st Sept :meet and greet service worked well, car was fine. Returned it to Long Stay car park on Sept 17th per my agreement and flew off. I had checked to see if my deposit had been returned over weekend but nothing received. Then yesterday receive an e-mail from CUK subject 'Re : Vehicle damage' attaching an accident claim form and quotation for repair of a damaged bumper. The email said that as I had not responded to the first e-mail ( never received between 17th - 28th September ) that I had to return the form. The quotation for repair from Elsinore Garages was dated the 16th before I returned vehicle. The explanation for this is that i had returned the vehicle one day late : their records showed it should have been returned on the 16th yet the original quotation for 16 days between 1st and 17th is exactly same as amount debited from my card for vehicle hire. More computer error. The original e-mail has never been resent / forwarded . A photograph of a section of rear bumper of a silver car was attached tothe most recent other forms of identification, date, other than it was a wheel arch and bodywork was silver... Having read other customers having had exactly the same experience with respect to the claim that the returned vehicle had damage, I get the feeling that while it is only 2 weeks since my return, based on the actions of Car Hire UK in the last 24 hrs, I am joining a long queue of frustrated customers. How can this be stopped ? Any suggestions as to how to go about retrieving this money ( the same 680GBP as many others ) will be most gratefully received.
  • Barry J.
    Car-hire-uk are still operating their scam. I have been waiting for my GBP 570 deposit from this company since 25th Sept 2011. I have numerous e mail and received NO replies. From the 12 telephone calls each time I was assured that I would receive a FULL refund into my account within 2 working days. NEVER HAPPENED. Can anyone help as this is just basically theft !!! Thanks Barry
  • mr w.
    i am fed up with the advert put out by the various travel lodges, express inns etc, stating that there rooms are fron 29 pounds when in fact we had to pay 120 pounds for room only at a croydon venue , we had no choice as we live in the north of england but had to travel to a funeral & had to pay for a breakfast as well. we are old age pensioners & do not have this sort of money to spare. talk about rip of britian.
  • Ray H.
    I too have been ripped off by Car Hire UK. I returned the car on Oct.9th with a full tank of petrol( even though it wasn't full when I received it ) I did have a small graze on the L.H corner of the front bumper which they said would cost 476GBP. 242GBP labour and 155GBP paint. A teaspoon of filler and half a spray can would have been more than enough. In any event they have never returned either any fuel deposit or insurance deposit.
  • ALAN J.
    If this not a rip off I don't know what is. After battling with Talk Talk for over a year I decided enough was enough so after looking around I settled on Sky talk and broadband. When decided to read the small print after signing up for a year,my fault for not reading it before, I see that I am being charged £2.50 for (not) taking up Sky T.V. What do think ladies.
  • Mairi B.
    As the mother of a 39 year old son, I would like to see Rip Of Britain, taking on the Child support Agency, who have made my sons life hell for the last 2 years, taking most of his wages every month, leaving him with nothing to live on. He has twin daughters aged 8, who he is in a private agreement with, but pays monthly for his 2 year old son through the C.S.A. They have continually taken money from him with no explaination as to why the amount is so high. He has contacted our local M.P., who has written to their director asking for them for an explaination, as yet no reply from them. Last year they mistakingly took money from him which they said they would pay to his daughters, even although they had been told they were in a private agreement, this money was "mistakingly" paid to his sons mother, she would not pay it back, leaving his daughters owing that money, which has never been paid back. He was compensated by them for making an error of £350.00, his compensation "£25.00". As an avid watcher of Rip Off, I would love to see your programme take on this highly inefficient department
  • cyril b.
    new law for Judges by Lord Chief Justice 1999 is been fix by Judges by twisting the truth or finding some thing els you where not taken to court for or solicitor telling you if you dont go for retrail they would go for perjury then drag there feet untill time has laps so you can not go for retrail and now solicitor will take on a council or police that lied for a council id like to become teacher but two cover ups by Law has now stop me we all know the Law is Corrupt just i have the proff and even the Lord Cheif Justice is turning his back on evidence his Law one last thing local papper and the BBC in hull queens gardens has been stop from doing my 9 courts aperaces of of wich involve Perjury i was a one perant Dad till i stud up for my self and protested pecfully telling the TRUTH wich we are told from been a child be honest tell the truth and stand up for your self
  • cyril b.
    9 courts 9 counts of Perjury and all the cimes that go with it includes subordination of Perjury and because i protested telling the truth Peafully i lost my home my children back to a mouther that walk away from the years ealyer when i sleep i have bad dreams i wake up wishing i was dead or worce i wake up thinking of what to do to get my own back and it dont seem to bother me doing what some have done and landed up in prison or shouting them selfs but im a honest guy and dieing befor i see my children again is some thing whats stopping me East Riding Council are Child Abusers from government officals to housing staff there legal team its socal services run by the same legal team as housing eyc etc cyril bailey 07899851423
  • MR. A.
  • Sarah H.
  • hazel
    on 21st November booked a three day, two night, stay in Edinburgh for Military Tatoo with crusader holidays. This was for 24th August next year. Paid £150.00 deposit only to hear that they went into liquidation on1st December. Surely they knew that things were not good and should not have allowed us to believe that we were going. Now have to wait to see if we will get a refund. they are apparently a bonded company but it says on their 'ceased site' that 'if you have paid for your holiday you will be refunded' does that include us having only paid a deposit - watch this space. Sorry for the people who have lost their jobs but you really cant believe a thing you read or hear these days
  • Mrs E.
    Dear Sir, I watched your programme today and you were discussing energy prices, well my energy prices have soared from around £60.00 a month for Gas and Eelctricity to over £200.00. Let me explain we moved to this house on the 18th of march 2011 I was paying my energy supply monthly, I would get a bill sent to me and i would send off the cheque, my husband and I were going away in september and would not be there when the cheque arrived so I telephoned e'on and told them I would like to pay by direct debit they said that was fine I gave them the details of my bank and it was all set up for paymments to be paid. However when we return no payment was taken in Sept or Oct so in early part of Nov I gave e'on a call to ask why, I was told that a payment of £202.09 would collected on the 17th of November this was a payment was to be for three months energy supplied. I said that was ok but would prefer to pay monthly like had been doing in the pass, so they changed the direct debit to monthly. This morning I receive my bill for £157.40 this is suppose to be for one month this was an estimated bill, I call them immediately about the amount they are charging us and they ask me to take a meter reading only to be told the bill should be £218.12p. First they tell me the bills had been estimated ones as there had not been a reading since may, then she says that the meter was last read in November. Looking at my bills they also read the meter in August. I called again in the afternoon when I was told that the meter had been read on the 31 Oct, I feel we are being ripped off there is only my husband and I here when we are not at work and I cannot see how on earth we can use that quantity of energyin a month. Please can anyone help, Mrs C Emm
  • Mrs M.
    We live in Topsham near Exeter and always seem to get a poor deal from Exeter City Council, are pavements are appalling i fell and fractured my shoulder because they are so uneven and our ex councillors answer was that they had always been like that, the council then came to cover their tracks covered the surface with a thin layer of tar which has worn away again. But even the council now has announced that in two of the three car parks in this small town because of its beautiful setting the price of CAR PARKING IS TO RISE BY 6OO% can you belive it!!!
  • s. p.
    As much as i enjoy watching ripoff Britain i wish somebody would tell angela ripon that its "MATHS" not "MATH" its ripoff Britain not america!
  • Neville
    I moved out of a flat in July and had a £50 EDF monthly debit. I work away from home and this account had managed to exceed £300.00 by the time I moved out. They simply won't give me my money back. I have spent over 4 hours waiting on standby to talk to them for a few minutes where I always get lots of guarantees and I have the same experience when emailing them. All promises and 6 months later still no refund. They are just keeping it and it seems there is nothing I can do, just be blatantly robbed and take the blow.
  • Frank L.
    The DVLA rerquest that I tax my car for the coming year £215.00 if paid in one tranche or £236.50 if paid in two tranches an additional £21.50 for that one extra transaction. Considor, Amazon today sent me a DVD ,item ,packing, transaction.postage,and I paid by credit card ,all for £4.99 When the DVLA charge me £21.50 for one extra tranbsaction they are either ripping me off,or worse in that they are so ineficent that it really does cost them £21.50 for one transaction and posting one disc Frank Lindsell 20/12/11
  • Mark
    RIPPED OFF BY TALK TALKS LYING SALESPEOPLE. Was on a talk talk contract which expired and then moved into a new apartment and initially declined a talk talk contract as we were in the immigration process and knew we would be leaving the uk within 12 months and didnt want the hassle of signing up for a 12 month contract / breakage fees etc . A person rang from the "loyalty team " and assured me I could have a monthly rolling contract with no breakage of contract charge when we migrated as "you don't pay a breakage fee when you leave the country " . Now I am told there is no record of this and I have to pay a breakage fee for a contract I have never agreed to . Just to get to speak to the right person is a trial in itself as the call centres are in different countries and the customer service is terrible unless you like being on hold for a very long time and then getting passed around different departments they don't have people in the uk it would seem ! I guess the point is Talk Talk employ lying sales people who tell you anything to get you sign up and are not to be trusted at all .
  • cat
    I just like the valuable information you supply on your articles. I'll bookmark your blog and check again right here frequently. I am slightly certain I'll be informed lots of new stuff right right here! Good luck for the following!
  • Terry C.
    Rip Off Britain making it's debut on BBC 1 in November 2009 is the great consumers programme every daytime mornings at 9-15am with the famous presenter including Jennie Bond,Gloria Hunniford & Angela Rippon is about people who being ripped off with the finances and the huge gas bills costing too much to pay. Julia Somerville joining the team replaced Jennie Bond for the third series. Once again to the team of Rip Off Britain is the great consumers tv programme on BBC 1 and it's the wonderful show indeed. Terry Christie,Sunderland,Tyne & Wear
  • moireen g.
    What I would like someone to look into is the extortionate prices of mobility aids. I requested a quote for just the fitting of showertray & half height sliding doors, the tile work we would do ourselves and the shower is already there . Expecting a quote for around £1000, we were totaly gobsmacked when we were quoted £2585.00. This, when you can purchase a omplete full length shower unit from around £600 and even less from several D.I.Y stores. Surely these mobility specialists are ripping off the most vulnerable.
  • jean h.
    i paid my full years insurance with hastings direct on april 21 2011, now my car needs so much doing to it that i cant afford it, so i rang them on tues to cancel it, as i need to scrap it, and was told i would have to pay a cancellation fee of £55, and because i didnt have that much, i would have to pay them another £14, so i said i wont bother then, and was told i cant scrap it either, so ive paid insurance for a car i cant drive, im a pensioner cant afford another car. i think its disgusting, but cant do anything about it,
  • Susan B.
    I recently found out Norton internet security have been taking money out of my account for the last 3 years with out my permission i signed up for 1 year subscription an when that year was up I didn't really like Norton so i didn't renew it !! I looked at my bank statement in January this year only to find they have taken another £39.99 i have been to Barclays an they are dealing with it for me ! BUT I can only claim this year back. i no they owe me at least another 2 years when I phone Norton they had no details of me on there system at all BUT they still took the money out of my account i think its distgusting they can get a way with it with out permission of the card holder when i looked on the Norton complaints department i found that this has happened to alot of people they should not be allowed to get a way with it an should be exposed !!!!!
  • Brianna H.
    I cannot thank you enough for the blog post. Awesome.
  • easy r.
    You are in reality a excellent webmaster. The site loading speed is amazing. It sort of feels that you're doing any distinctive trick. Furthermore, The contents are masterpiece. you have performed a fantastic task on this subject!
  • Ann H.
    My husband bought me a sony ericsson vivaz pro mobile phone. I really loved it the only thing it kept freezing so I always had to open the back and take the battery out to get it to work again. I kept it precious. Within 8 months the charging port gave up so I brought it back to the carphone warehouse. They returned it unfixed saying there was water damage on the back. This wasnt the charging port there was nothing wrong with the phone. I kept at sony ericsson they said no better whats wrong with the phone if they see any sign of water damage they wont fix anything. There never was any water near the phone only me opening it to get the phone working again. They did offer for me to look again at it.I then took the phone to my own tec doctor. He said it wasnt water damaged but he couldnt fix the charging port as the keyboard had to be taken out and he was worried he couldnt do it right. So I bought another on ebay only without the keyboard made into it. This phone did the same as the first only it was worst cause the whole port fell out. I found a spare battery and a plugin charger on ebay and this is how I managed my mobile phone. Taking the battery out to recharge it. 2 mobile phones 1 cost 249 pound. The one off ebay was 80 pounds. I always used to buy sony ericsson upto these 2 phones. Im left with 2 phones that work 100% minus a charging port. Ann
  • keanna f.
    I am writing regarding virgin media When I joined virgin media they Had sold me three bad internet boxs They had people selling me products which I don't want They said today there charge me unwanted £80, if i want two reinstate my full services But will charge two month in advance i am disabled female who Cant work through there disability problem what can i do sort this out,
  • shazia p.
    i would like rip of britian to get in touch with me regarding my parents home insurance. they have been paying full comprehensive insurance for over 18 yrs with direct line, this year a dileberate fire was started in their home while they were asleep by their daughter inlaw who was staying with them tempararley, my parents who are both ill due to huntington desaese were recently told that they are getting nothing back, which has left them devasted, as they were firm believers of paying the full sum every year. also the lady that caused the fire is also getting away because we have recently been told their is no case. im angry beacuse my parents have been good citizens all there lives, and to be told they have not had no justice on either side. another thing left me quite baffled is that when i spoke to the insurance under writer who made the desision had said to me that my brother had conviction going back to 1996 because my parents failed to report this to them at the time that has also affected the im begining to wonder does britain really know this? all those hard working tax payers who have teenage children committing crimes that they should each time let the insurance company know otherwise their insurance is affected, plese email or contact me on 07528154883 thankyou shazia
  • mary c.
    i am so angary at tvail insurans companys put a lot of monney on pepole who have cancer parkinsons and menny other illness like that so why do they have to pay moor for travel insurans and pepole like me pay the price in the book you get to choose a hollday as my mum has cancer and has to have a earing ade and she has astma and hart problams and she has parkisons to but its not fair that pepole like my mum get a raw deal as she did not ask for the illness she got she is 74 years old and a hollday in the sun wood do a world of good to help hur and give hur a good time to so why do pepole like hur get the raw deal that way we stay at home and thats that
  • Mrs M.
    Re: Last night's programme about insurance. I paid £250 last year with the company used by the NUT. We moved house in October from Yorkshire to Lincolnshire. When I 'phoned for a quote, 'they' told me to 'sit down' as because of my postcode the cost would be in excess of £700. My husband took over the call and the cost had gone down by £100 in the course of that conversation! I received other quotes including one from the village we have moved to. The lady said she had lived here all her life and there had been no flooding, nor many vandals. (NUT rep. had told me about claims for vandalism in the past). We finally got a quote for £290. I think this is disgusting and will no longer be taking up any NUT offers!
  • Mr b.
    British telecomm are ripping off so many of there customers and getting away with it it's unreal, they over charged me £423-93 in 2009 i've had to fight two ombudsman departments, two dept collectors and two firms solicitors over a 3 1/2 year period when no solicitor would help me because of the involvement of the ombudsman's departments, in the end it took one phone call to BT accounts by BT ombudsman investigations who only did so when ordered to by a Mr brown, Director of corporate services who oversee's the ombudsman's departments, both ombudsman communications and BT ombudsman investigations were useless, it's cost me over £700 defending myself and BT first offered £50-44 then £100-44 then £200-44 through there solicitors knowing full well what they have cost me, while this has been going on they have wrongfully and over billed me three times, twice they wrote off there bill's as compensation for my cost's, the third time is again in the hands of ombudsman communications as i'm typing this, when you're wrongfully billed by BT if the matter isn't sorted out by the time they intend to take it from your account the only option a customer has to stop this is by stopping the direct debit, then once it's sorted out even finding they were wrong they still charge there customer £1-89 for canceling the direct debit, EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE WRONG TO START WITH ? if you agreed to a twelve month contract and without warning or you renewing your contract BT bill you for a 13 month and at a higher rate ( which they will ) you have a right to cancel your direct debit, they have used your bank details that you gave them 12 months ago in good faith for a twelve month contract period, if you let them do this to you and get away with it, DON'T BLAME THEM [[ BLAME YOURSELF ]]
  • Mrs M.
    Hello, I Know i have been ripped off by Olympic Holidays. I have been intouch with there head office.Trade and Standards,my last one was the liverpool echo,who are trying to help ,but cant get intouch with Olympic Holidays,but said they dont hold out much hope as there are lots of loopholes,with these holiday firms. My complaint is that lasy year 20012,we booked a wedding package for my grandson,for 20013,at that time the new brochure,wasnt published,so the rep rang olypic holidays for a price,and they told her £887 per adult £475per child ,,so i paid th deposit for 15 people,as i was a told you had to book early to ensure you could get married at the time required. I went to the co op office months later ,and lo and behold i found a broch,,ure,i brought it home and was very angry when i seen the prices it was only £625 per adult £315 per child,the price i was quoted £887 is the same price for a two week holiday last year and this year so why was i quoted the higher price from head office last year when the brochure wasnt printed,was it something they plucked out of the air,or was it a mistake by someone who charged me for a two week holiday,PLEASE HELP //I will have been overcharged by £2,016
  • Jason
    Hi, I logged onto the Virgin Atlantic website and purchased a flight from Beijing to London Heathrow. I received confirmation my Virgin from a Virgin email and the E ticket had Virgin Atlantic branding all over it. I phoned up Virgin to book an exit seat and I was told that I couldn't do it because it was not a Virgin Atlantic flight, it was a partner airline called Air China. I checked the Flight number and its VS200, which is a Virgin Atlantic number. I told them I refuse to fly Air China as I had a bad experience from them and that the reason I booked on the Virgin Atlantic website was to fly Virgin Atlantic not a companion Airline. It was not displayed anywhere in the booking process that I would be on Air China, once I checked the E-ticket I saw about a sentence that the Carrier was Air China. I phoned up and complained and asked for a refund. I was told that a refund would take up to 6 weeks to return the money on my card. I asked if I could be upgraded or be compensated but Virgin were not interested. To make matters worse Virgin have not only said I have to wait up to 6 weeks, they have charged me an Extra £80 to cancel the flight. It has to be the worst customer service experience I have ever had.
  • Ms M.
    BT Broad band sold me an 18 months contract February 2013, paying by Direct from my Bank but since I have change Bank ,now my phone line given to Italk without my consent Several calls to BT an trying to get an explanation why I cant make calls not even emergency,how did Italk people got hold of my phone number in the first place they wont tell me, but if B T is to get my phone back I'll be sent new contract and did although I said there's an existing contract I done want another,am just 6 months with 12 months more to run on existing contract, nothing taken head they admit its their fault an sent letters with a new number also another HUB to follow,your new phone line will be active by the 13th of September.13 Their aim was to increase monthly rental and took the opportunity that's in their letter.worst service ever it aims at Pensioners.
  • Mrs M.
    We have asked many times for fast broadband and it's benefits. Repeatedly told various dates when it would arrive near us. We have recently found out that one telephone box 5 minutes walk from our house has a 1000 phone lines in it and if our phone was in that box we could have fast broad band. Our phone line is in the other direction approximately 3 minutes walk from our house which has only 100 lines in it and there is no way we can have fast broad band as the government funding isn't sufficient for bt to be bothered with the smaller boxes. We were told by an bt engineer that the only way we would get broadband was to find out the names and address of the other phone lines in our box and get a petition up. Our broadband is so slow that some evening and weekend it's a waste of time trying to get online HELP would be appreciated we are loyal bt customers.
  • William
    Please there are other aspects to this so please contact me about BT heavy handed tactics and why it costs £95 to leave BT, even if I have no contract only monthly billing paid in advance. I gave notice, paid my final bill as requested (which was quite high comparered to my normal billing). Looking on the Internet and doing some research I find I am not the only one. There are other aspects to this also such as filing default notices with credit agencies with out giving notice to the alleged defaulter, in my case no default notice was sent to me, and I only found out this default notice had been issued when I had problems with my bank. My account was in dispute but not in default, how can they put this black mark on my credit rating without my notification. I see this as heavy handed blackmail to extract a payment they are not entitled to obtain under the credit act. I have spent two days trying to find a UK numberer for BT, every number ends up in India, trying to talk to people who do not know the UK laws, the UK consumer Rights and are totally the slaves of BT, fearing for there merger salary. And no I am not racially prejudiced, in fact my wife is Asian, I totally understand the lack of understanding of the way things operate in this country and inversely I understand how things work in their country. BT have become something most British people hate. I think I have said enough, but I am true British, not the money making organisation BT has become, hiding behind slaves. But these countries are emerging, I am happy about that, level the playing fields, and stick it to those who think the high powered executives can not only rape the resources of the world but do the same to there own countrymen.
  • William
    By the way I would love people to comment on my last post. You are quite welcome to disagree with my comments. I believe strongly about one world, all men and women must be equal. My mother when I was young put some words o my wall, I have lived by these words all my life. I will post them next.
  • William
    So these are the words my mother put on my wall. I still have them in the form of a hand written copy on parchment, I don't put them under the scanner for fear of damage, but it's the words that count. So read and take to heart and try to understand so here are the words:- Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant, they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass. Take kindly to the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy. Max Ehrmann c.1920
  • Mrs E.
    this might seem a trivial ? to some but its one I would love to ask...... WHY are Buttons so expensive?....... I am a knitter and I like to use nice buttons...... I paid £1-34p for each button as I required 10 it seems im paying more for them than I am the wool....l
  • Olive B.
    I am one of many people with a hearing disability ,I rely on subtitles on TV programs especially as the quality of the sound on many programs is very bad with over loud back ground music or sound effects. Why do they put the subtitles slap bang in the centre of the picture over the mouth area on close ups of people?? The subtitles are never more than two lines long so could easily be put at the bottom of the picture,this is how they are on films that have subtitles and the print is a bit smaller but still ease to read. I really enjoy Rip of Britain and find it very informative,keep up the good work.
  • George B.
    hi i went to a ATM machine on saturday i requested 200 pound out the machine took awhile i asked the shopkeeper he said just wait then it gave me my card back and said this machine is unavailable so i went to the next Atm machine it said my daily ammount has been reached i was mortified i went back to the first shop explained to the shopkeeper what has happened he said its happened a few times and telephoned the ATM supplier and they told me i would have my money back into my account in 48 hours its gone well over that now. im severely disabled and had 4 massive heart attacks last year and had the operations i cant walk far -and now i telephoned the ATM company and they told me to go to my bank to sort it out - ive had no money all weekend due to this i wont ever use another ATM machine again after the stress and worry its caused- i went to bank and they said it could all take time to sort is there anything i can do so this doesnt happen to anyone in my possition again also is there something else i can do or contact anyone i havent thought of about my problem im on benefits and what little money i have i need i have 1 carer and a support worker im also under the mental health team for severe depression i havent eaten all weekend or slept because of the worry and stress wondering if ive lost my money for good -i know yor busy but any advice you could give would be appreciated kind regards Mr George Brady from Preston , lancs
  • Stuart c.
    During your recent series where you had someone from the financial ombudsman service on your panel of experts l think his name was Simon l can't recall his surname l sent you my issue 2 or 3 times without any response my gripe is l have used their service with very little success in fact l have an issue that has been passed on to another ombudsman for a final decision and l know what it is going to be before l get his final decision they are toothless the financial instertutions finance them so they are never going to bite the hand that feeds them these company's hide behind the ombudsman service in my opinion people would be better off and gain more success by taking the matter through the small claims courts the company would lose more cases than they win and they would incur bad poblicity my current complaint is with Halifax lve had house insurance with them on and off for the past few years and l enjoyed by£50 cash back each year l was insured with them until this year and because of this l took my business elsewhere also lve took my banking away from them as l could not trust them anymore they said because l left them for 1 year l wouldn't get the cash back offer also they upped my premiums despite not having any claims and whatsmore they never sent me any information to tell me of the changes absolute disgrace this is a company that is owned by the tax payer and according to the press this week some HBOS directors are to be struck off been directors this is typical of big business living off the backs of small investors yet if l didn't tell the truth in my application my policy would be nil and void this is typical of the financial industry l would like you to look into the ombudsman service to see what level of success they achieve for the little man in the street.
  • Joyce P.
    Having purchased a mobility scooter from A company called TGA last April 2015,' It was delivered on the 13/04/2015. Delivered with a hole in the handle bars which I brought to the attention of the sales /delivery man. He told me it was. The socket for the light switch and went to look in his car wondering if it had fallen out of the box. He didn't have it and said. He would be able to get the switch in June as that was when they were due off the production line. I said we would wait for a new complete model then in June . We had said that I required a light weight machine to take on holiday as the model I had was to heavy. The salesman said if I put a bit of sellotape over the handle bars it would be OK to use till he got the part that was missing. To date I have not got the part and haven't used the scooter as we thought that damp or rain on the element may do harm to the expensive lithium battery. When the part hadn't arrived in June 2015 I rang the company to ask them why this has not been delivered and fitted as promised. I said if they don't fit this part by the end of the month I would like them to take the scooter away and give me my money back. She responded by saying that they don't want customers like me and she slammed the phone down. I was shocked but my husband said she will ring in ten minutes when she realised what she has done and said. She did ring back to say that I had to put this in writing and I would lose hundreds of pounds. I said I would have to get advice about this. First I rang the salesman and told him how rude and unhelpful this woman had been and he said I shouldn't have rung head office and let him deal with it. I told him I was going to take advice but if he had the scooter part fitted then I would leave it with him to arrange. I rang the salesman end of July to see if he was getting the part. In the last week of July family business, sickness and bereavment I wasn't home to take phone calls and I was rushed into hospital twice between August and November. I received a phone call from a man called Mark,the service dept at TGA. He called to say he had the part and was putting it in the post for me to fit myself. I said that was not acceptable and someone should fit it and check that the scooter was ok. He said he asked the sales man to bring it and he said no as he was a salesman and not an electrical engineer. I went on to explain how his company had let me down and treated me and Mark was shocked when I said I didn't trust the company. I have consulted with citizens advice and also a solicitor who advices I take the offer of a scooter more suitable..the wording doesn't suggest the same scooter with all its parts. The letter that was sent to my solicitor by TGA stating a fabrication of lies from start to finish, what makes me feel angry is the fact that this woman rang me to say she couldn't understand why I wouldn't take a repair. When I reminded her of the previous discussion she said " well of course I shall have no recollection of that". How do I get round a woman with no sense of what is right and only does what is convenient. It is now 15/02/16 I am not well and have spent Over £2000-on a scooter that is not yet operational, and over £300 On poor advice. What is fair trading if it doesn't cover the rights of the customer. Please help and warn others. Thank you

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