BBC to Offer iPlayer Technology To Channel 4 and ITV

After announcing last week that complaints against a collaboration between the broadcasters on Project Kangaroo, a few of you raised how typical of UK regulators this is. And in true form, Ofcom this week released a public service broadcasting review that includes order for the BBC to open up the iPlayer platform to all the other major UK broadcasters. 

As a result, Channel4, ITV, and Channel 5 would have free and unlimited access to the technology, with Sky, Virgin, and Tiscali possibly being invited at a later stage.

If the BBC opens the platform it would create an open IPTV standard, which  would increase competition by making it easier for new broadcasters to enter the market. It’s quite possible that the technology could become a standard complementary service to media websites such as Youtube, making iPlayer an online Freeview, which is exactly what Kangaroo was looking to become.

[IT ProPortal and Techradar]


  • Matt S.
    This is a good step forward but I want to see all the iptv in an open standard like RSS, so that it can be easily integrated into different software, open platforms, Media Centres etc.
  • Darren
    Urrm what technology would that be then ? The BBC has nothing more than a closed system that they were screwed into by Microsoft and a flash video system that any broadcaster can do for themselves with a copy of Flash.
  • Rubisco
    Pfft who cares? How much of the licence fee is being poured into iPlayer when torrents do a better job?
  • Mark W.
    iplayers based on the same backend torrent system that channel 4 use anyway for 40D. The problem is that the BBC probably won't be allowed to make it into an open standard for other broadcasters as they didnt create it. It was built and designed buy a thrid party technology company. The BBC are just users of the product in the same way those that watch it are.
  • dave
    Yeah, its not as if the bbc has technology that the other channels don't! seems a bit silly to me, unless the author missunderstood the sources he copied from?
  • Jennie
    this is a great idea. many of us are too busy to be able to watch programmes that are shown at specified times. we get rather pissed off if we miss our favorite shows

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