BBC red button makes a spectacular, steroid-pumped comeback...

4 December 2012

Just when we'd written off the BBC's red button as an ineffectual throwback to the early days of interactive telly technology, it's been revamped and is better then ever! Steady yourselves readers – there's a sciencey bit coming up.

It's now going to be called Connected Red Button and the Beeb say it'll effortlessly bring TV, radio and online content together in the simplest possible way, featured on on Virgin Media's TiVo service for starters.

The all-new fiasco of wonder that will be the Connected Red Button will allow you to…

• Watch programmes from BBC children's channels, BBC Three and BBC Four anytime - day or night – even if the channel is off-air

• Effortlessly catch up on previous episodes of the shows you love and discover new gems

• Get closer to the latest sporting action, with more streams, clips and content from your favourite events

• Immerse yourself in news and weather headlines and clips that matter to you, when you want them, all at the touch of a button

Connected Red Button is on TiVo now and will be available on other internet-connected TVs over the coming months. Here's BBC techno whizz Daniel Danker doing a walkthrough of it…


  • Steve O.
    I for one am really looking forward to pressing the red button in the middle of a sporting event, and then having the sound and vision freeze for about 10 seconds while the fucker loads, only to find it's less useful than watching the event, and finding I have to suffer another 5 seconds of blanked silence before I can get back to the unsullied action again.
  • LancerVancer
    Error Code: 105505505110110 Sorry service temporarily unavailable. TiVo. Like proper telly, only worse.
  • Sicknote
    BBC Statement says… “Press the Red Button for instant S4ville on child action…..or press it twice to see D4ve L3e Tr4vis using a 14 year old girl as a glove puppet…”
  • Dick
    Channel 4 should bring back the red triangle. You knew what you were getting then.
  • Anthony, T.
    Yes, no ambiguity with the red triangle. None of the wishy washy "this programme may contain scenes of sex and violence". Either it does or it doesn't, don't waste my fucking time.
  • Raggedy
    Works fine - news items are like Ceefax with proper photos. Searching is a pain with the A-Z keyboard but works. Actually impressed! TiVo - good if you know what you're doing. :-) @LancerVancer - call them and get them out to sort it. You're the paying customer. :-)
  • LancerVancer
    @ Raggedy I have done, twice. I know more than the fuckwits that they say are engineers. I love TiVo when it works, the 3 boxes i have had have been shite. Lets see how the new one works out.

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