BBC One and BBC Two Coming Online... But TV License Required One and BBC Two are coming 'live' online to view, from Thursday 27 November 2008.

The move, initially scheduled to launch next year, has been brought forward as part of a 12 month trial.  You will be able to view the channels via the BBC website and on the BBC's iPlayer service.

But according to BBC Vision director Jana Bennett, you will need a TV license.  How they plan to enforce this is another question.  The BBC iPlayer is available for all without the need for a TV license unless you are watching or recording programmes live as they broadcast.  Major ISPs including Tiscali and BT have already refused to cooperate with the BBC and the TV licensing organisation without a court order or new legislation. We hope it stays this way.


  • chrisg
    Time to get rid of the telly tax now, surely?
  • Susan
    For goodness sake, learn to spell 'licence' correctly!!!!

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