Battery recycling bins should now be in EVERY supermarket. Are they?

battery_man1 Right then, be honest, how many of you recycle your batteries once they’ve ran out of doing-juice? We’re betting that it isn’t very many of you, mainly because there are so few battery recycling locations out there.

Spank yourself firmly on the back of the wrist if you’re still planning to hurl your spent batteries in the bin because that isn’t an excuse any more. New legislation came into force on Monday this week, and now any retailer who sells more than 32kg of batteries in a year (the equivalent of one pack of 4 AA batteries per day) must provide a recycling point for your simple and convenient battery dumpage.

At the moment, 97% of an estimated 30,000 tonnes of batteries eventually end up in landfill sites every year, where they can leak toxic chemicals into the soil. Under the new legislation, the aim is to ensure that 45% of batteries are recycled by 2016.

The recycling bins will be regularly emptied free of charge under the government's Battery Compliance Scheme and if flogging one pack of AAs per day qualifies a retailer for the scheme, we imagine that the shops should now be full of battery recycling bins. Bet they’re not though.

Here’s a multi-pound promotional video that has been produced by Defra to launch this high-profile initiative. Mightily impressive stuff…

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  • Simon C.
    great, can you also inform my shitty benefit neighbours, that there is another new facility called the "bin". /personal rant
  • David
    I just put them in the bin and save all those greenhouse gases. Much better than driving to the supermarket, surely.
  • Nobby
    Free of charge = taxpayers expense. The only way to get people to recycle properly is to have a deposit on every battery sold - just like Corona bottles used to be.
  • Mr G.
    See?! Even someone stupid enough to willingly call themselves "Nobby" (fnarr) knows the answer. How come those overpaid politicians and all their Civil Servant minions can't see it?! Sorry, Nobby, but you need to change your name by deed poll to something much more cool and manly. "Greggles" is taken, I'm afraid. (Hmm... "Deed Poll" sounds like a migrant worker in the Gorbals who has insulted someone's pint o' Heavy)
  • Nobby
    I wonder if anyone has changed their name by deed poll to I changed my name by deed poll. I'm sure they would have many funny after dinner anecdotes. Mostly about being the brother of Graham Poll.
  • I'm m.
    I just book one of the cheap 1p Ryan Air flights to Paris and dump by batteries in a bin when I get their. That way I am am being green by nor polluting the UK with poisonous chemicals t and its the French that have the hole in *their* bit of the Ozone layer. Hah! Everybody wins :-)
  • kev
    yikes, the UK is way behind on recycling these have been in every supermarket over here in Eire for the last 2 or 3 years
  • Mark
    You'd be surprised actually, lots of stores already offer this facility.
  • Bnman
    ASDA certainly have them and they have had battery recycling at our tip for a couple of years.
  • Kevin
    My local Morrisons has had one for the last few months. It's being able to chuck them in your recyling bin that would be of most use though, but as you go round the country you'll see how much of a mass even the simple things like plastics and cardboard are all different, let alone anything as complicated as batteries!
  • Fiyero
    We have battery recycling collections round here (Eastleigh, Hampshire) with our glass recycling collections once every 4 weeks. We are blue week. I only know it is blue week when I hear all the glass bins being emptied!

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