Bargain! We'll take ten please!

m&m 74

[Found in a branch of WH Smith by @spideytim]


  • Paul N.
    What depresses me in these cases is that this is not automated. Somebody *human* printed those out and stuck them to the bags. Surely at some point the thought crossed their mind that this could not be right... It's not their intelligence in question it's the rigid hierarchy we've created in service jobs where no-one has the ability to make independent and rational decisions.
  • tin
    Or maybe the human works for £knack all an hour and feels unloved by his/her manager/collegues/customers so did it for a laugh.
  • GrabMyJoystick
    Bloody hell! A KitKat Chunky for 77p!
  • Dick
    It's WHSmith, so that "human" is half mong, half spaz.

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