Barclay's Customer Billed £40,000 In Error, Locked out of Account for One Week

It sounds like something out of new Hollywood flick 'Eagle Eye', but a £40,000 bank error caused one Barclay’s customer to be locked out of her account for over a week.  And no, it was not the doing of the government.  Just utterly incompetent staff.  That's all.

Alison Meeks of Sandy, Bedfordshire, was at a petrol station, when she discovered that her credit card was declined.  When she called Barclay’s to inquire, Meeks learned that a withdrawal worth more than her annual salary had been made from her account, placing it in arrears.

One might think such an obvious bank error would be resolved quickly; however, it took eight days for the bank to fix the error and unlock Meeks’ account.  It took a further two weeks for the bank to apologize to her.

However, Barclay’s did deposit a £50 'goodwill gesture' in her account as well as £30 to cover the cost of phone calls.  Interesting, considering that if we go £40k into overdraft and apologise, the £100k in interests is unlikely to be resolved with a simple apology now, is it?

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  • Chipolini
    I had a similar experience with HSBC when they wrongly transferred money from my account. It was meant to be from A to B but the money came out of my account instead of A. Called them within minutes of receiving a letter from them which confirmed the transfer and they rectified everything within 24hours. mind you it was £2k, not £40k!
  • Shonk
    She will get charged more than £50 interest lloyds did something like this to me 6 months ago but £2000 i got charged £8 interest the next month and still havnt got it back phone bank say fraud have to refund it fraud said to put it in the claim form (which i did) still no refund
  • Gi
    Shouldn't be more than £50 unless they charge it at a ridiculous interest rate...
  • Martin
    And I bet she sticks with Barclays, out of customer loyalty.
  • Jayne
    I went to tesco and got my debit card rejected....went to Barclays bank...and I was 50 million overdrawn...!!! there mistake...I hope it gets sorted.....I am on benefit and couldnt get any money out.... Had a total panic... this happened today...30 dec 08

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