Barclaycard re-writes history with horrible wannabe

Bitterwallet - Barclaycard Horrible HistoriesMy goodness. While our short-term memory may be shot to shit thanks to heavy drinking, we do recall that just last week we hung a marketing agency out to dry for suggesting we run a viral video promoting the BlackBerry PlayBook in order to help make it go... viral.

Yet still they come. This time, it's the turn of a PR company called Team Rubber. No, us neither. What star power do they possess to get us on-brand with their client Barclaycard? Prepare to be so dazzled, your head catches fire:

Hello tip lovers at the Bitter Wallet crew,

I thought that this story might be of interest to you as it's a huge step for consumers in the UK and will hopefully spark a debate and an interest in the future of payments and banking online and the role that telecoms plays in this.

See, if there was some morsel of news that might make for a post concerning Near-Field Communications and the future of contactless payments (which is the topic of the video), we'd leap on it like a starved tiger on a townie - in fact we've already covered the topic in the past.


Barclaycard have just launched a new film that takes a tongue in cheek look at the history of payment. We see The Only Way is Essex star Amy Childs swap her infamous Beautician’s uniform for traditional Georgian garb as she refuses a banknote with her signature catchphrase “shut up”.

Holy shitcakes. The only debate that this will spark is one that begins with the words "Is that it?" or "Is she meant to be famous or something?" or "Why are they ripping off the excellent Horrible Histories to explain Near-Field Communications?".

Here it is, by the way - yes, we're effectively doing the PR company's bidding, but at least you've now been warned.

PR people - if you want our attention, send us something that we can stick on eBay without too much trouble. Oh, and that creative agency you're bunging millions to? Challenge them to do something original, instead of being 'inspired by'/shitting all over* (* delete according to how big a fan you are of Horrible Histories) somebody else's work. Cheers.


  • Cheesey
    How does a large company like Barclaycard manage to circumvent UK laws and pay Team Rubber with crack cocaine? When I'm in London and I meet people, some tell me that they work in marketing - but all I hear is: "I'm a total fuckwit paid with crack cocaine."
  • steve
    Barclaycard seem to have no clue about who there customers are and what they want. How about less wank adverts and putting some money into better customer service.
  • dcx_badass
    Promoting the video negatively doesn't stop us realising that you were paid to promote it.
  • Avon B.
    Don't blame the agency too much - some dickhead at Barclaycard's marketing division must have okayed the idea. Perhaps their bosses should suggest marketing is outsourced to India too, to make them concentrate a bit.
  • Skymarshall
    2 Words. The first word begins with 'Bell', and the latter finishes with 'ends'. Anyone?
  • Q
    I work in design, alongside media/creative agencies and marketing teams. I'd hate to be in the marketing team at Barclays getting to the last scene of that clip, thinking, "WTF." Is it intentionally bad to go viral? I doubt it. It's just so very lame.
  • Dick
    It's too long and uninteresting to be viral. I saw the first few seconds, then skipped to the last few, a decided not to watch the middle. It is shit. Not funny shit, just shit. I also decided that I am glad I do not bank with Barclays.
  • The B.
    I can't believe that people actually watched it.

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