Barclaycard Freedom rewards scheme buggers off

creditcard1“Barclaycard Freedom is a reward programme like no other”-  that's right, it was so bad, even Barclaycard have seen it’s crapness and have scrapped it with almost immediate effect. The Freedom cashback reward scheme, available to most of Barclaycard’s 12 million customers, is being dumped over the next two months while they ‘develop new offerings’.

Specifically, you will no longer be able to earn reward money after 21st June 2012 and you will have until 26th July 2012 to redeem any you’ve saved up.  But don’t panic-  if you can’t or don’t spend any balance of reward money by 26th July, Barclaycard will credit the amount back to your card in cash.

And this might actually be a better idea. Although Barclaycard sold the Freedom idea as being immeasurably better than other reward schemes, because you collected cash, rather than  points or “fiddly vouchers”, you could only earn your 1% cashback (or 0.5% at Shell) when you used your card at participating retailers. Any reward money earned could then only be spent at certain retailers, and if you didn’t have enough reward money to pay in full, you had to use your Barclaycard for the remainder of the purchase. So getting your reward money in actual, um, money, seems to be far more useful and helpful to your pocket.

However, in case you do want to rush out and spend all your points, you can check your balance on line at mybarclaycard or you can contact Barclaycard directly and ask them. Although most unused balances at 26th July will be credited to your Barclaycard account by the end of September, do note that reports suggest that balances of £3 or less, or on card that haven’t been used in 6 months may not get automatically repaid. If this could be you, you may need to call them (0844 811 911) and demand your free cash. After all, £3 may not be a lot, but it’s better in your pocket than Barclaycard’s.

But what if you only have a credit card for the reward scheme? Besides needing to get out more, you might like to consider checking out Moneyfacts’ list of best buy cashback cards, where you can earn up to 5% cashback for three months or a permanent 3% on fuel (up to a £300 monthly maximum) with Santander.


  • vibeone
    Mike Hock's mum's reward scheme is particularly favourable.
  • Captain M.
    I regularly spent about £500 a month on my card during this entire "Barclaycard Freedom" fiasco and earned a grand reward of £0.02 - Yes 2p. What a fantastic scheme - not.
  • JD64
    I have about £35 quid on mine. The problem with the scheme is you can only spend the points in a small amount of retailers. I think Pizza Express is the only place near me I can use them! Oh the dough based joy!
  • Jing
    It was a terrible reward scheme. You can only earn points at certain retailers and spend them at certain retailers. In the whole time I used my card (over 4 years) I've earned £0.15. In the past 6-7 months, I've received £20 in vouchers via Amazon Mastercard, with the majority of spending not on Amazon but on everyday stuff. Not hard to see which scheme is better. And Amazon works out at around <1% when spending elsewhere (non Amazon purchases...)
  • Sawyer
    Agreed with Jing. I've earned more on my Co-op Members' Credit Card in 1 month than in 2 years of Barclaycard use, and it gets paid in cash. I've never been to Pizza Express, don't intend to, and have no idea where else to spend the pitiful amount I've earned. Also their customer service is crap.
  • Mike H.
    I've still got an egg 1% cashback card, now with Barclay, and they hate me for it becasue they can't cancel it, wankers.
  • The B.
    Might want to do a little digging with Flight Centre too, Barclaycard seem to do their financial stuff for them and it's not going too well according to a conversation I heard the other day. Barclaycard staff are exceptionally arrogant (not all, just generally) and would do well to try and keep the volume of their conversations down when working in a shared building.
  • vibeone
    Mike Hock, I've got a 1% cashback card from barclaycard and its nothing to do with Egg - Barclaycard Cashback Card, nor do they want to get rid of it. You're making less sense than your mum with her mouth full.
  • Pedantic
    it’s crapness *its
  • Calzone
    I had about £7 on mine as I'd earn points buying fuel at Shell. But in 3 years of using the card, Pizza Express was the only place I found that allowed me to redeem points. If all outstanding Freedom Reward Happy Cash Whatever points are now to be credited back to your actual Barclaycard bill, it seems the points are finally worth earning for the first time, for a few months at least
  • Mike H.
    egg credit card was bought by Barclaycard, nevermind eh.
  • vibeone
    Sorry Mike, you are right, how fucking stupid am I! Back to *doing* your mum as I've got nothing else to insult you with. You're rattling my cage that your mum put me in to stop trying to fuck her.
  • vibeone
    ^ Fake VB1: Mike, I'm not disputing whether egg was bought by Barclaycard - read my post again, or ask your mum to read aloud if shes not too full of semen to see straight. Barclaycard Cashback is a different card to the egg card, but your bullshit about them wanting to get rid of it is proven as such. PS: I'm ball deep inside your mum right now.
  • vibeone
    By ball deep I mean 3.4 cm. My mum says that that's big so it must be.
  • Mike H.
    :D you're such a bell end vibey, you really don't understand do you? :D What a cretin!
  • vibeone
    I'll take it from that that you have nothing else? So I'm right? Good.

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