Bananas: now even more fun

Bananas- they're quite useful as a health-boost and the more fun end of the '5-a-day' thing.

Now imagine them with chocolate running through them. Or - if you're a bit weird - kale. Yum/ Blee (delete as appropriate).

Well now there's a thing that can insert the pleasure into your banana, brilliantly called a Despatabanana.


The Argentinian invention pulls out the centre of the cheery-yet-phallic fruit, and replaces it with the soft centre of your choice.

So now you can screw with nature and shove pulped strawberries into it, or even four other representatives of the fruit and veg family, to get ALL your recommended daily intake at once.


There isn't a UK stockist as yet, but it soon come to Switzerland, but with your help, we can bring the people of Britain banana joy by the power of online demand or something.

We've just thought of what it would be like if you filled it with custard and now need a lie down.

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    What if your banana leans to the side?

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