Bad news for heroin kids - Sainsbury's only selling spoons to over 18s

Spoons-Set-2 Good day to all our readers who also happen to be underage heroin addicts. Our consumer tip for you today is to avoid Sainsbury’s in West Green, Crawley if you’re on the look out for some new tea spoons to use when you’re ‘cooking up’ your ‘fix’.

According to the Daily Mail, 25-year-old Elinor Zuke, a reporter with The Grocer magazine, was asked to prove that she was over 18 when she recently tried to buy a £1.19 pack of Basics tea spoons in the store when some beeping occurred at the self-service checkout. The store worker told Elinor it was because they could be used to take drugs.

Obviously, Sainsbury’s don’t have a problem with customers injecting themselves with heroin, as long as they’re over 18. A spokeswoman for the company said: “The self-scan system recognised the spoon's SKU as one for a knife. This had now been rectified. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. Our Think 25 policy is designed to ensure age-related products are sold safely.”

The Daily Mail have noted that this is not the first case of spoon-related supermarket misery. They say that in October 2009, 21-year-old Emma Sheppard was forced to leave a Tesco store empty-handed when she couldn’t prove her age while trying to buy some 57p spoons.

Spoons. The enemy within.


  • Kevin N.
    Yet you could probably buy a biro and smoke crack. Sort it out Sainburys, BIC's to over 30's only please.
  • Mike H.
    "Yeah, you can have the knife, but I'll be fucked if I'm letting you have that spoon you drug addled moron!"
  • Dick
    I think it is a good thing. Now kids get banged up for carrying knives, they are obviously taking to carrying spoons around, to gouge out eyes and so on. Sainsbury's is just doing their bit to clean up our streets. 1) Banning spoons for under 18s. 2) Dumping Jamie Fucking Oliver.
  • Ticklerik
    Are you sure it wasn't due to the violent nature of spoon attacks. Sheriff of Nottingham: (Alan Rickman)I'll cut out Robin Hood's heart with a spoon Guy of Gisborne: Why a spoon, cousin? Why not an axe? Sheriff of Nottingham: Because it's DULL, you twit. It'll hurt more.
  • James D.
    what a non story. This could have been any item its just an admin mistake. Sainsburys only selling ORANGES to under 18s Sainsburys only selling KIT KATS to under 18s it could have been anything, it just happened to be a spoon.
  • Derooftrouser
    I had to get staff authorisation for buying an empty cutlery tray in Tesco the other day. I do live in Glasgow, however.
  • Bob
    My mate once stuck a kit-kat up his arse. Honest.
  • Bill B.
    That's nothing. Asda's self service checkouts scream "Quantity Limit Exceeded" if you try to buy two lemons.
  • Jenni
    we bought a spatula (thing you use to turn over stuff in a frying pan) and they said are you over.....whatever age, 25 is it?. because............ it comes up as a kitchen ware..........same catergory as knives.........even though you cannot kill anyone with a spatula, not unless you hit them with it for one thousand years non stop :-D spoons............ weird, doesnt everyone have spoons at home, ?. can you not buy spoons without been thought of as a druggie :-o

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