Bad news, chocoholics - Easter eggs are 60% packaging

It's usually considered bad for your diet and internal organs to eat food still in its packaging. Early attempts to produce edible cereal boxes entirely out of rice paper commonly were quickly shelved, on the basis that it tastes like raw horse glue.

So this Easter, all the packaging on those lovely chocolate eggs continues to be inedible, which is a shame because a study has found that on average it accounts for 60 per cent of the weight. The research by MP Jo Swinson found the worst offender to be Swiss chocolatier Lindt, which produced Easter Eggs where the chocolate comprised less than ten per cent of the product's total volume.

Some manufacturers have reduced their packaging this year, - Nestle is the best performer, reducing packaging by a quarter on last year, while Terry's has increased its packaging. Obviously there's a need for less packaging and the ability to recycle the packaging that is used, but more chocolate is obviously required too, rather than the standard micron-thin shell than crumbles if you stroke it. Make the eggs solid. Like gold. But chocolate.



  • Rubisco
    Aye, and when you take them to the checkout you're made to feel guilty for taking a carrier bag... Can't help but feel that the packaging is 60% of the sentiment though. The nutritional value of the egg isn't the point. Should we ban greetings cards and cut flowers now?
  • John
    LoL I agree in regards the thickness of the chocolate eggs. Im not to bothered in the ethos behind packaging etc, rather the religious events which is what the whole event is about.
  • egg e.
    "the packaging is 60% the sentiment"... Glad I'm not in your family. ;p
  • Jimy J.
    @Rubisco Damn you must be easy to get gifts for! I could buy myself 2 gifts and give you the packaging and thats 120% of the sentiment apparently!
  • Betsy B.
    Obviously we need some packaging to dress it up and make it suitable as an Easter gift, but 60%?! What a waste of resources. Jimy Jamz, you crack me up!

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